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Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair: September 21 – 23, 2018

The 32nd Annual Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair is happening this week, September 21 – 23, at the tree-covered Nevada County Fairgrounds in... Read more

Reader Submission: Darcy Girl

by Jess Rannachan

Riding Darcy last week was like giving birth; Agony while it happened, but soon forgotten and ready to have another one.... Read more

New Product Release - Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost Enhanced Formula

Healthy circulation is vital to equine performance and recovery, but can be impacted by a variety of factors from diet to stress and... Read more


Nominations Open for 2018 Ira Schulman Thoroughbred Rehoming Award

Annual award honors for-profit resellers of off-track Thoroughbreds. The Retired Racehorse Project announced today that nominations are... Read more

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