September 2018 - Founder's Notes
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 22:02

Our annual September issue focus on “education” winds up being a broad topic. This year, we’ve covered everything from a recent dressage clinic with George Williams and an upcoming session with Elke Potucek-Puscha to an update on Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s ongoing expansion of its equestrian center and the remarkable growth of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association competition in the West.


I guess it’s to be expected that education is broadly defined in an equestrian context because horses facilitate so many different types of learning and enlightenment for us humans.


We are excited about the World Equestrian Games starting Sept. 11. An update to our WEG preview article arrived as the presses rolled: United States Equestrian Federation members receive a 50% discount on FEI.TV’s annual pass, including the WEG Pass, bringing the price down to $29.99. The streaming service is a terrific way to watch all major equestrian competition and this is an awesome price and a great incentive to join USEF if you’re not a member already.  WEG content will include live action, replays and archived material. Coverage is also expected on NBC and affiliates, but it will likely not be anywhere near as extensive.

Eventing and fall fashion & apparel are the special focuses of our October issue, plus the usual mix of features and news from the hunter/jumper, eventing and dressage worlds. October will also include our first of three Gift Guides to get you set for the holiday shopping season!

Given that fire season seemed to start even earlier this year, here’s hoping it will end earlier, too. Our continued thoughts to all who have been affected by these seemingly endless fires.

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Letter to the Editor


Enterprise Farms has been grateful for your recommendation of our riding school and has worked very hard to retain your trust and support.  However, until the recent (June) article which appeared highlighting our programs, we had no idea how many people read and value your publication!

We have been overwhelmed with positive comments from current and previous students and from equestrians  as well as new students and campers who recognize the value of sound riding basics and are seeking a location to develop them..

We will continue to maintain  our high standards as a U.S. Pony Club Riding Center as well as a riding  school and horse  camp  and thank you again for your recognition and support!
Gene Gilbert
Owner and Manager
Enterprise Farms




Sterling is an approximately 8 yr old paint gelding up for adoption at FalconRidge Equine Rescue in Valley Center, CA.

He was rescued from auction and is currently in training with Heather Suto in Poway.

He is 15 hands high and been previously trained, but needed restarting due to some confidence issues.

He is currently doing well in training.

A very special and unique guy, Sterling is looking for an experienced adopter who knows horses well, loves to bond and spend a lot of time with their horse, and one who will be sensitive to him but lead him well.

Gorgeous horse with a great personality.

Adoption fee $1,000.

Read about Sterling on our adoption page and procedures at

September 2018 - A Damn Fine Hand
Written by by Joell Dunlap - all rights reserved by the author 2018
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 19:08

A story of women riding for their lives.

by Joell Dunlap - all rights reserved by the author 2018

Chapter 4 - Cocky Gallop Boy

By the time the track opened, the barns were abuzz with activity.  Hot walkers in hooded sweatshirts shuffled quietly as their charges danced at the end of a leather and brass ribbon. The sounds of aluminum clad hooves prancing around the soft dirt mingled with the ringing of brass chains as the hot walkers expertly contained the exuberance of half a ton of sinew and muscle. Buckets of hot water steamed as grooms prepared baths for sweaty racehorses. Scents of liniment, cooking oats, medicated shampoos, sweet straw and the acidic tang of warm racehorse manure wafted through cool morning air.


Cocky Gallop Boy showed up late and looked nervously at the schedule board. She hated it when riders were late and he knew it. As usual, the morning’s workout schedule was penned out neatly on a giant white board, color coded for each rider and groom. Ann made sure the board was clear and exact. She kept things running to the minute.  Cocky gallop boy barked “darse prisa” to the new groom to hurry up and bring his horse. Just as he was at the apex of his shouting, she rode up on his assigned horse, fresh from his gallop.


“Where the hell were you? You were supposed to ride this horse first.  I had to take him!” She demanded.

“Wilson had a filly that he needed me to take, she had to jog two miles and it took longer than I thought,” he lied.

“Funny, I didn’t see you out there.”  She was mad and grooms were scurrying out of the way.  “Look, you are either galloping for us or Wilson, but not both. Decide now. We’ve got to work the French fillies in company before the track gets all chewed up. Are you coming or not?”

Cocky gallop boys are not amenable to being bawled out by women. But she was different and everyone knew it. She’s the best. She could out-ride any of them and she’d never put you on a crazy horse. She’d ride those herself. He fought the urge to tell her to f*ck off, mustered as much self-confidence as he could and sent the groom for the next horse on his list. By the time he’d mounted and adjusted his stirrups, she was on the other filly and on her way to the track. He needed to hustle to catch up. Trotting up alongside her she didn’t say a word to him. She was dealing with the long line of trainers, journalists, and owners who were on the rail and greeting the other riders exiting the track. Naturally shy, she didn’t make much conversation. But the Keenan barn was hot these days and everyone at the track loved a winner.

The fillies they were riding arrived from France a couple of weeks ago. In Europe, horses live at quiet training centers and exercise in large groups on mostly grass gallops with hills – covering several miles at different paces. American racehorses live at the track and generally follow a pattern of galloping alone or with one other horse for about 1.5 miles daily. The excitement of being passed by galloping horses and meeting trotting horses coming head-on as well as up to 80 horses on the track at any given time, takes getting used to – some European horses never did. Ann’s filly didn’t travel well and she wasn’t taking to American style training. But Ann was masterful with the nervous ones. She was quiet and confident and reminded them gently that all they’d have to do is go forward. She’d ridden the most rank, the strongest, the crazies and the babies. Soon, both fillies were galloping down the track with easy, ground covering strides.

They would gallop for 3/4 of a mile and then, for 660 yards, the horses would be allowed to run. The idea is to get a horse to use her stride as efficiently as possible. The best horses have always been the ones that run efficiently. Any nervousness, anger or fear costs in shortness of stride, shallowness of breath or misuse of muscles. Once they neared the pole marking 3/8ths of a mile to the finish line, just past the head of the turn, both riders bent their knees slightly and let their hands follow the motion of their horses’ head. The horses eased left down by the inside rail and opened up their strides as their heads lowered and hooves started to fly.  Head and head, the natural instinct of a good racehorse took over and the riders simply guided their horses around the turn until the track straightened out toward the finish line. With less than two city blocks to go, both fillies were game and pressed each other as they accelerated towards the wire. The cocky gallop boy saw his chance for revenge and pulled his whip from his back pocket and cracked his filly on the right shoulder. Rather than sprint forward, his surprised filly leapt sideways into the other pair.  Ann and her filly bounced into the rail and she scrambled to right her horse. He heard her behind him screaming angrily as he galloped to the wire.  After the finish line, she charged up beside him.

“What the hell was that all about?”

“My filly was slowing down, I was just keeping her going” he said casually.

“That filly NEVER slows down!  You could have killed us!”  Ann was livid. Her small turned up nose was flared and angry.

“Sorry.” Now she knows what he thought about getting yelled at.

She beat him back to the barn. As he rounded the corner, his heart sank. Both Ann and Jude Keenan were looking at the French filly’s bleeding right leg. As he approached, she straightened up and glared at him.

“Well Hot Rod, you got $175,000 to replace this filly for the owners?”  Jude asked.

Cocky Gallop Boy looked down at his polished boots.

“Pick up your check this afternoon and have a nice time galloping somewhere else.” Jude added.

Author Joell Dunlap lives in Half Moon Bay with her husband, some smelly old hound dogs and 19 rescued and donated horses - most of them OTTB’s. She is the founder and executive director of The Square Peg Foundation ( You can subscribe to read weekly installments of A Damn Fine Hand here:, or follow along in upcoming issues of CRM as we serialize her compelling novel.

Looking the white board, Ann realized she’d have to have to gallop all of the remaining 11 horses herself unless she could find good help fast. Her knees ached just thinking about it. Hopefully, some hungry jockey would come around looking for an in with a hot barn and she’d be able to give him a few of the easy horses this morning. Or she could ask Old Sullie if he can get on a few. He was rough but he had a lot of experience and she knew that he could hold the tough old horses that needed to gallop slowly. Not a lot of riders were strong enough to hold old campaigners like Vaya Con Dios and she’s couldn’t stop thinking about the heat in his knees. Sullie was just getting on a few these days for some of the old trainers, with any luck she’d catch him before he hit the sauce.

The track closed for a 30 minute break to groom the surface. Ann ducked off to find a bite to eat at the small cafe by the clocker’s stand. As usual, it was thronging with people. She kept her head down so as not to be sidetracked by all of the rail-birds wanting to chat. If she didn’t get something to eat now, it would be race time soon and she wouldn’t eat until after the first race.  Choosing a banana and a muffin, she headed back to the barn with her eye peeled for Sullie.  She found him chatting with a gaggle of old gamblers, regaling race stories to an adoring audience.

“What you don’t know, is that this hoss is ready to fly outta da gates today.”  The rail-birds were eating it up, hoping to get inside knowledge to give them the edge in this afternoon’s gambling.

“Hey Sullie, you wanna get on a few for me today?”  She asked.

“Anything for you baby – you know dat.” He flashed a grin complete with short tobacco stained teeth.

“Second after the break?”

“Nah, I gotta work that goofball for Stevens then. But I gotcha after that.”

“Yeah, well okay.  If I’m not there, just tell Enrique and he’ll put you up.”

“I ain’t got time for no joggers though, and I need to get paid cash at the end of the day.”

She reached into her pocket and counted out four $20 bills. “Don’t hang me up – okay?”

“I love you baby, you know that – right?”

“Yeah, I know” she was already heading back to the barn.  On her way, she passed Cocky Gallop Boy as he was chatting with a bright eyed new gallop girl.  The girl was looking at him like he was God’s gift to horses. Exercise boys loved “fresh meat.”

As Ann walked by he looked away. Ann touched the girl’s shoulder and whispered in her ear while looking directly at the Cocky Gallop Boy “Be careful, everyone calls him ‘The Herpes King.’” Walking away, she looked back and added a middle fingered salute with a wink to the gallop boy.


September 2018 - What's Happening
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 04:39

California Riding Magazine Event Calendar

Central Valley Hunter Jumper Mini-series
Sept. 15 in Fresno

The first two shows in this new series took place in March and May, welcoming many riders who previously had had to travel quite a ways to compete, explains organizer Jenny House. Staged at the Fresno County Horse Park that is familiar to eventers, the Fall Festival Schooling Show features cross-rails, hunters, jumpers and equitation. Special attractions include “breakfast on the hill” during the $200 Ariat Hunter Derby, wine and cheese at the end of the day, and a $200 Gamblers Choice jumping class.

To enter or for more information, visit

Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship Benefit
Sept. 15 in Hidden Valley

The beautiful, privately-owned El Campeon Farms hosts this fundraising event  to benefit Ride On and the services they offer to the disabled. Nestled in beautiful Hidden Valley, El Campeon is an incredible equestrian venue that has provided the location for some of the iconic Budweiser/Clydesdale Super Bowl commercials.

The event will feature amazing and inspiring equine performances, including demonstrations by Ride On’s students and horses highlighting the programs that are offered. Hors d’oeuvres, dinner, drinks and dessert will be served and there will be a silent and live auction.

Ride On teaches therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with physical and mental disabilities at two locations in Chatsworth and Newbury Park.

Therapeutic riding combines instruction in traditional horsemanship skills with concepts of physical therapy that improve the strength, balance and self esteem of individuals with disabilities. In the past 24 years, Ride On has become one of the largest therapeutic riding centers in the country serving 225 riders with disabilities on a weekly basis.

The event starts at 4 pm with cocktails, silent auction and equestrian performances. Tickets are $175 per person including dinner with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Ride On. 

For tickets and sponsorship opportunities, visit Tickets will not be available at the door.

Shea Center BBQ & Family Faire
Sept. 22 in San Juan Capistrano


It would simply not seem like fall without this annual event that’s typically attended by 1,500 friends of this great program. Highlights include country fair games for all ages, live and silent auctions, country music and dancing and, best of all, demos from the Shea’s star riders.

For more info and tickets, visit

USEA Area VI Championships
Oct. 4-7 in Woodside

These will take place concurrent with the Woodside International Horse Trials at the Woodside Horse Park. Levels are Intro to Intermediate.

For more information, visit

Horse Affair
Oct. 4-7 in Norco


After a great debut last year, the event “Where Horsemen Meet” is ready to top it. The George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center will be bustling throughout. Clinicians include Cowboy Dressage® expert Jessica Hutchings; dressage expert Susie Hoffman Peacock; Sheryl Lynde’s colt starting and foundational training basics; Master Farrier Jerry Lunde and many more. An equine industry symposium has a full slate of educational offerings for those in the business, and entertainment includes the Fiesta Sunday festivities. Much more…

For more information, visit

LAHJA Finals
Oct. 19-21 in Burbank

The LAHJA Junior Medal Final presented by and LAHJA Senior and Pony Medal Finals will be held on a new date this year at Gold Coast October (Oct. 19-21) at Los Angeles Equestrian Event Center.

“Given that the inaugural USHJA National Championship Horse Show is going to be in Las Vegas, the LAHJA Board of Directors did not want our members to have to pick between our LAHJA Junior, Senior, and Pony Medal Finals, and either attending or going to the AON USHJA National Championship Horse Show,” LAHJA President Kay Altheuser explains. “As a result, for 2018 the LAHJA Junior, Senior, and Pony Medal Finals will be held during Gold Coast October. I hope to see all of you there and then in Las Vegas!”

For more information, visit

Isabell Werth
Oct. 13-14 in Encinitas


Current and many-time world #1 ranked dressage rider, Isabell Werth of Germany, comes to California Oct. 13-14. She’ll be on her way home from the World Equestrian Games and prepared to coach in the intimate setting of Ad Astra Stables in San Diego County’s Encinitas. Scott Hayes Productions brings Isabell in, building on a stellar track record of educational/social events with the likes of Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud.

Thus far, the learning opportunities at these events have been exceptional, with the plus of a lovely setting, gracious hosts and shopping opportunities during breaks. The schedule calls for Isabell to work with lower level pairs in the morning and upper levels pairs in the afternoon, followed by an autograph signing session.

Riding spots are likely spoken for, but you never know, and spectator seats are going fast at this especially small venue.

For tickets and more information, visit

Spooktacular Halloween Dressage Show
Oct. 27-28 in Del Mar    


Lisa Blaufuss is sadly gone but the fun, social and truly “spirited” dressage competition she started continues to remind all of her cheerful, upbeat, uncomplaining approach to life, horses and dressage. Plus, proceeds go toward helping Lisa’s and her husband John’s talented daughter Ciera with college expenses.

The show includes qualifiers for all of next year’s big championships. Equally important, fun stuff includes the $1,200 Costume Musical Freestyle, the famous Caldwell Dressage Boo Bash, the Howl’in Dog Costume Contest and the Rest In Peace Relay, Best Decorated Tent contest and more.

“Lisa loved this show and more than anything wanted the community to not take itself too seriously,” shares show director and Lisa’s close friend Kim Stordhal. “She wanted to create something where everyone could have fun. So we intend to continue that theme in her honor. It is a requirement, therefore, that you have fun. The whole weekend!”

Saturday and Sunday, it’s “get your pink on” Kim reminds of the show’s role in promoting awareness of breast cancer. That finally took Lisa but not before a good, long fight.

The spooky site is the Del Mar Horsepark. For more information, visit and enter through

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August 2018 - Flying Changes
Written by CRM
Thursday, 26 July 2018 20:09

Jessie Weisinger. Photo: Karin Higgins / Texas A&M

UC Davis NCEA Equestrian Names Coach

Jessie Weisinger, an alumna of and most recently the assistant coach at Texas A&M, joins the UC Davis staff as the university’s first head women’s equestrian coach, announced athletics director Kevin Blue. “I am extremely grateful to UC Davis, Kevin Blue and [associate A.D.] Anissa Nachman for allowing me this opportunity,” said Weisinger. “I have been fortunate to be at a great university these past four years, but am looking forward to building this new program and being a part of the vision and excitement Kevin has brought to the UC Davis athletic department.”

August 2018 - A Damn Fine Hand
Written by by Joell Dunlap - all rights reserved by the author 2018
Thursday, 26 July 2018 20:02

A story of women riding for their lives.

by Joell Dunlap - all rights reserved by the author 2018

Author Joell Dunlap lives in Half Moon Bay with her husband, some smelly old hound dogs and 19 rescued and donated horses - most of them OTTB’s. She is the founder and executive director of The Square Peg Foundation ( You can subscribe to read weekly installments of A Damn Fine Hand here:, or follow along in upcoming issues of CRM as we serialize her compelling novel.

Chapter 1 - Our Lady of Victory

Rains in central California’s Sacramento Valley conquer winter’s oppressive tulle fog. The rains also dampen the hot summer’s bluish smog. They give license to the brilliant pink and white camellia blooms and give residents a view of the stunning Sierra Mountains for all who would look east.

August 2018 - What's Happening
Written by CRM
Thursday, 26 July 2018 19:47

California Riding Magazine Event Calendar

Movement Science for the Equestrian
Aug. 5-6 in Novato

Helping riders maximize athletic power is the emphasis of this presentation by Zuzana Suzan.  She is a physiotherapist and senior instructor for the Prague School of Rehabilitation. The two-day workshop aims to improve rider performance and skills through “dynamic neuromuscular stabilization.”

For more information, visit, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 510-410-1771.

July 2018 - Winner's Circle
Written by CRM
Friday, 29 June 2018 19:36

Nina Vogel Tops Innovative Challenge

Over 60 junior and amateur riders took to The Oaks International Grand Prix Field for the second annual American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge, presented by Whitethorne and held June 19-20. Home after her freshman year in college, 21 year old Nina Vogel aboard Pam Stewart’s Durango rode beautifully both days to earn a big win.

July 2018 - Out & About
Written by CRM
Friday, 29 June 2018 19:25

Have a photo of a fun adventure with your horse, pony, riding club or horsey friends? We want it for our Out & About page. Please send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , with caption info and photo credit if needed.

“Talk Derby To Me”
Written by Nicole Bhathal • Photography by Kelsey

Albright Photography

June 2018 - Founder's Notes
Written by CRM
Thursday, 31 May 2018 18:35

June is one of our favorite issues because we celebrate riding schools and entry-level equestrian programs. We hear stories of kids of all ages connecting with horses for the first time and of adults circling back to a beloved activity of their youth. Riding school horses and people man, woman, horse or pony the friendly front lines of efforts to keep equine interactions widely accessible, both economically and geographically speaking.


June 2018 - Winner's Circle
Written by CRM
Thursday, 31 May 2018 18:28

Tali Dejong and Amadeus. Photo: McCool Photography

Savannah Jenkins and Limequyl. Photo: McCool Photography

97th Annual Flintridge Horse Show

At the 97th Annual Flintridge Horse Show, Tali Dejong and Amadeus emerged victorious in the Grand Prix. Finishing in second place, less than one second behind Dejong, was Alyce Bittar and Lara Croft B. Coming in third was The Flying Ham ridden by Carly Anthony. The USHJA National Hunter Derby saw 38 horses with Limequyl and Savannah Jenkins taking the top spot with a score of 183.

May 2018 - Founder's Notes
Written by CRM
Saturday, 28 April 2018 19:38

SH Productions’ West Coast Dressage Convention V was a big hit April 21-22. Here are organizer Scott Hayes and clinicians & Dutch Dressage Superstars Edward Gal and Hans Peter Mindenhoud flanking Monty Roberts. More on this in our June issue.

April indeed brought showers to Northern California, but was a little crueler in Southern California where an EHV-1 situation arose in Orange County. As we went to press with this issue, three horses had tested positive for the dreaded virus and were being cared for in isolation at a stable where the virus was first diagnosed on April 13, a Friday, naturally! A total of 56 horses possibly exposed to the virus were under quarantine, with veterinarians from the California Department of Food and Agriculture supervising close monitoring for signs of new cases. As of April 19, no additional cases were reported. Our best wishes to all!

May 2018 - Winner's Circle
Written by CRM
Saturday, 28 April 2018 19:34

Lisa Wall and Tangled Up in Blue top the USHJA National Hunter Derby at LEG Gold Coast April. Photo: Kristin Lee Photography

LEG Gold Coast April Highlights

Out of a field of 24 horse and rider combinations, it was professional Lisa Wall aboard Mia Dimson’s Tangled Up in Blue who earned the top honors.

“This was her first hunter derby win,” Lisa said. “This mare just recently moved up to the 3’6” level. She is still learning, and we are putting her together. She rode really well. Each horse show, she’s consistently getting more broke.”

May 2018 - What's Happening
Written by CRM
Saturday, 28 April 2018 18:58

California Riding Magazine Event Calendar

New H/J Shows
May 12-13 & 17-20 in Paso Robles

The Spring Fling Schooling May 12-13 is the second in a new series of hunter/jumper schooling shows staged by and at the beautiful Paso Robles Horse Park. Whether you’ve taken a long break from competitions, are considering getting your feet wet for the first time, or just looking for an organized, affordable and fun show jumping experience, this is your ticket. Meet fellow horse enthusiasts, compare your skills to other riders, and hone your competition skills in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Held in partnership with the Santa Barbara Riding Club, the series continues in October with the Harvest Special and concludes this year with the Winter Wonderland in December. The schooling shows are designed to give local equestrians access to affordable, well-run competition at a first class facility.

April 2018 - Winner's Circle
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 19:45

Nayel Nails Another Biggie

Nayel Nassar’s 14 year old Hanoverian Lordan doesn’t compete often, but when he does compete, he goes big. The pair won the AIG $1 Million at HITS Coachella Sunday March 18. That followed Lordan’s last outing at Cochella, the $100,000 Longines FEI World Cup class, which he won on Feb. 10. The two-for-two track record speaks volumes of Nayel’s careful management of his spectacular horse.

April 2018 - Out & About
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 19:36

Have a photo of a fun adventure with your horse, pony, riding club or horsey friends? We want it for our Out & About page. Please send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , with caption info and photo credit if needed.


September 2018 - Flying Changes
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 19:12

Rain Beau West

Sally Black’s top Welsh pony hunter stallion Rain Beau West passed away at Sally’s North San Diego County home this past month.


Sally acquired the 12 hand Welsh Pony Stallion in 1984 while attending the Culpepper Finals in Virginia. He produced numerous champions including sire of the 1989, 1990, and 1991 high point California Pony Hunter Breeding Champions. He also sired the 1990 and 1991 reserve high point champions in the California Pony Hunter Breeding Division.


In 1989, 1990, and 1991 his babies were Best Young Pony at the Red, White and Blue A Shows, the San Diego Summer Festival A shows and the Monterey National A Shows.

In the California Pony Hunter Breeding Division, Rain Beau West claims the 1989 Undefeated 2 Year Old, 1990 Undefeated 3 year old and the 1991 Undefeated 2 year old.

There were at least three of his offspring in the Best Young Pony Class at every show in 1991. His first baby to be shown over fences won classes at the Santa Barbara National A show in 1990.

Flying Changes welcomes your submissions. Please tell us about what’s happening in your life and/or at your barn: births, deaths, engagements, job changes, new hires, marriages, new management and barn moves. Send your reports to Kim F. Miller at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Photos welcome!


September 2018 - Winner's Circle
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 18:58

A Wireman Win

Skylar Wireman catch rode Neon Moon to the victory in the Small Green Pony Hunters at the USEF Pony Finals in Kentucky. She just started catch riding early this year and warmed up with great wins on ponies for Carleton and Traci Brooks’ Balmoral Farms at California competitions.

At the prestigious and pressure-packed Pony Finals, their jumping rounds sealed the deal after standing 21st after the model and conformation rounds in this highly competitive national competition. Thirteen-year-old Skylar is the daughter of San Diego trainer Shayne Wireman, whose Chestnut Hills Farm in San Diego County’s Bonsall is home to rising star riders.

Alexandra Farfaras winner of the 2018 LAHJA Rosewood Medal Final Presented by Smartpak, pictured with trainers Kay Altheuser and Becky Abeita (center), last year's winner (left), and LAHJA Executive Director Charlotte Skinner-Robson (right). Photo: Treena Hall Photography

Rosewood & Betsy Woods Medal Winners

Alexandra Farfaras (Elvenstar, trainer) made a clean sweep in the LAHJA Rosewood Medal Final presented by Smartpak, winning both rounds of competition aboard Cosmopolitan (Julia Stone, owner). The Final took place during the Huntington Beach Summer Classic, Aug. 9-12.

Grace Plunkett winner of the 2018 LAHJA Betsy Woods Horsemanship Medal Final Presented by Smartpak, pictured with trainer Michelle Morris (right), LAHJA President Kay Altheuser (center), LAHJA Executive Director Charlotte Skinner-Robson (left) and West Palms Events Show Manager Adrienne Karazissis (far left). Photo: Treena Hall Photography

Grace Plunkett (Michelle Morris, trainer) clinched the title in the LAHJA Betsy Woods Horsemanship Medal Final presented by Smartpak, also held at the Huntington Beach show. The 12-year-old piloted Royal Lux, a horse owned by Georgy Maskrey-Segesman, and proved that she could easily make the jump from ponies to horses.

(Note: The LAHJA Junior Medal Final presented by and LAHJA Senior and Pony Medal Finals will be held on a new date this year at Gold Coast October, Oct. 19-21, at Los Angeles Equestrian Event Center.)

Emily Williams and Carlo. Photo: Captured Moment Photography

Williams & Davidson Top CPHA Hunt Seat Medal Finals

The 2018 California Professional Horsemen’s Association (CPHA) Junior and Amateur Hunt Seat Medal Finals, held again in the Blenheim Farms Indoor Arena adjacent to the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park in mid-August, proved an ideal medal final season opening event for the 60 juniors, 21 amateur riders and crowd of supportive fans at the Blenheim Summer Classic.

Shannon Davidson and Twizzler. Photo: Captured Moment Photography

The two-day, three-round CPHA event kicked off the season with gorgeous ribbons and fantastic awards. Congratulations goes to junior rider Emily Williams, trained by Archie Cox, who championed the junior division and Shannon Davidson, trained by David Bustillos and Nick Haness, who took home the Amateur division honors.

Zazou Hoffman and Samson II. Photo: ©GrandPix Photography

Zazou Wins Again

Zazou Hoffman and Samson II, owned by Saree Kayne, produced two exceptional clear rounds to win the $40,000 Wasserman Foundation Grand Prix. The class was the marquee event for the annual Giant Steps Charity Classic held at the Sonoma Horse Park in Petaluma in early August.

Third into the ring for the jump off, they turned up the pressure for the rest of the four riders with a time of 37.935. Carol Wright and Tennessee Rouge owned by Steel Yard LLC, first to enter the ring in the jump off, came close with a time of 38.201 to take second place, followed by Mariano Alario and Edesa’s Cormint with a time of 41.934 for third. Winning rider Zazou Hoffman brought two horses back for the jump off and placed fourth Vice Versa D’Ossau owned by Patawag Stables LLC.

Jenni McAllister & Colvados. Photo:

McAllister In Win Mode

Jenni McAllister and Colvados took top honors at the Hippico Santa Fe’s $7,500 Santa Fe Welcome Stake in early August. Over Mauricio Garcia’s challenging course, only two of the 34 entries made it to the jump-off, as  Colvados sped around the arena like a grey hurricane.

Knowing only one other rider had advanced to the jump-off served to McAllister’s advantage. “I always do better under pressure. The crowd was very excited and that helps—I also like rising to the crowd,” she said. Steve McAllister, trainer and supportive husband, said, “We have a great fan club here so it’s always fun to come up with a win!”

Owned in partnership by Madison Myro and Cathy Jones, Colvados continued his streak of success after winning the $30,000 Santa Fe Welcome Week Variable Grand Prix earlier in the Summer Series.

“The first week [of the Summer Series], all of a sudden the pieces fit together, which was great,” said Jenni McAllister, who is pleased with this short, but increasingly successful partnership with the Holsteiner gelding. Steve McAllister noted, “They’re not even dating yet, they’ve just started ‘going out.’”

The Winner’s Circle welcomes submissions and photos. E-mail them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


August 2018 - Founder's Notes
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Thursday, 26 July 2018 20:15

We hope you enjoy this issue jam-packed with original articles and information on our feature focuses for the month: dressage and therapeutic products and services, plus our usual mix of hunter/jumper, eventing and general interest news.

August 2018 - Winner's Circle
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Thursday, 26 July 2018 20:05

EA Honor

Far West Farms junior rider Lily Andersson earned second place in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association’s National Sportsmanship Award, among 135 applicants from around the country.  The award is given in conjunction with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and candidates are selected from those who earned local, regional and zone IEA sportsmanship recognition throughout the season.

The top spot went to Olivia Barden from Colorado.

August 2018 - Out & About
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Thursday, 26 July 2018 19:58

Have a photo of a fun adventure with your horse, pony, riding club or horsey friends? We want it for our Out & About page. Please send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , with caption info and photo credit if needed.

July 2018 - Founder’s Notes
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Friday, 29 June 2018 21:04

Cheryl & Kim at AHP

In our June issue, we spotlighted riding programs that serve as gateways to our sport and this month we spotlight equestrians at a critical crossroad between that gateway and lifelong -- often professional -- engagement with equestrian sports: The Adequan FEI North American Youth Championships.

July 2018 - Flying Changes
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Friday, 29 June 2018 19:33

Marcia “Mousie” Williams

Marcia “Mousie” Williams began her long career in the horse world  showing hunters, jumpers, stock and trail horses. Her childhood love of horses grew into a life of dedication and service to the sport. An excellent rider, she was highly regarded by all. She was the Pacific Coast “A” Open Jumper Champion in 1961, 1964, 1965 and 1966 with her horse High Hopes and in 1963 with Hi Fi.

July 2018 - What's Happening
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Friday, 29 June 2018 05:14

California Riding Magazine Event Calendar

USHJA Trainer Certification Clinic with Chris Kappler
July 14-15 in San Juan Capistrano

This is a super opportunity to learn from 2004 Olympic show jumper Chris Kappler as an auditor. These sessions with the team gold and individual silver medalist in Athens, Greece, are sponsored by the United States Hunter Jumper Association. They are designed to educate and advance the skills of professional trainers, but there’s a ton to be learned for amateur riders, too. Instruction will be grouped into three levels of riders: Cross-rails; Equitation over 3’3” to 3’6” fences; and a 4’ jumping group.

The sessions will be held at Sycamore Trails Stables and auditing is available at $100 a day or $175 for both days.

For more information, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

June 2018 - Flying Changes
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Thursday, 31 May 2018 18:34

Sarah Rune & Canty Rune Training Stables

Long time horse trainer Laurie Canty is excited to announce the transformation of her training stables by bringing Sarah Rune in to take on a leadership role. Rune started off as a student of Canty’s, later becoming her assistant, and has now been tapped to take over Canty’s operations. Having trained horses and riders in California for many decades, Canty is looking forward to a new phase of semi-retirement as Rune oversees more day-to-day responsibilities of training and coaching.

June 2018 - What's Happening
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Thursday, 31 May 2018 18:21

California Riding Magazine Event Calendar

Temecula Dressage Classic
June 8-10 in Temecula

Taking up the weekend of the late Lisa Blaufuss’s neat dressage show in Paso Robles, the Temecula Dressage Classic is loaded with last-chance qualifiers that make it a must-attend for serious dressage competitors. But it’s not going to be all serious and no fun. The idea is to make the most of time spent with horses, friends and fellow dressage enthusiasts in the lovely environment of the Galway Downs Equestrian Center in the heart of Temecula wine country.

May 2018 - Flying Changes
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Saturday, 28 April 2018 19:36

Farewall Walterstown Don

Walterstown Don, ridden by Rebecca Braitling and owned by Lauren Burnell, passed away competing at Twin Rivers CCI, CIC & Horse Trials in Paso Robles in the CIC3* on Saturday April 14. The 16 year old gelding collapsed while galloping between fences 18 and 19 on the cross-country course. Braitling was attended to by the on-site medical team and was transported to the hospital for further care. Twin Rivers organizers and US Eventing Association joined all of the West Coast equestrian community in offering condolences to the horse’s team.

May 2018 - Out & About
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Saturday, 28 April 2018 19:29

Have a photo of a fun adventure with your horse, pony, riding club or horsey friends? We want it for our Out & About page. Please send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , with caption info and photo credit if needed.

April 2018 - Founder's Notes
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 19:47

California continues to be a non-stop whirlwind of interesting and fun equestrian action, much of which is covered in this issue. Between the final weeks of the inaugural and fantastic Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival, Horse Expo Pomona and the close of the HITS Coachella eight-week hunter/jumper circuit, we were out and about quite a lot and loving it. Looking forward to this month’s continuation of the same.


April 2018 - Flying Changes
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 19:44

Farewell Malcolm Rossoll, longtime horse show announcer who passed away in mid-March. Photo: Tish Quirk

Freestylers Head East

Hunter/jumper trainers Jill and Trevor Gaffney are moving their Freestyling Farms to Ohio, saying goodbye to their Northern California base of the last four years. Per their Facebook page announcement:

Aprll 2018 - What’s Happening...
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 18:42

California Riding Magazine Event Calendar

Good Horses Galore
Three dates in three locations.

The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro program has three Mustang adoptions set for this month: April 7-8 in King City; April 8 at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in the Sacramento area’s Elk Grove; and April 13-15 in Paso Robles during the Backcountry Horsemen Rendezvous. In each case, there will be plenty of wild Mustangs available for meet and greets and to consider making your own. Used in every imaginable discipline, Mustangs are naturally healthy and hearty horses. Owners and trainers describe them as loyal and eager to please.

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