South Point Arena and Equestrian Center Hires Liam MacCall as Events Manager

South Point Arena and Equestrian Center welcomes Liam MacCall as events manager to oversee the day-to-day event management of the country’s top equestrian facility.

February 2015 - Emotional Fitness Super Clinic

Linda Parelli & equestrian sports psychologist Dr. Jenny Susser coming to Cali.

February 2015 - A Novel Idea

Once skeptical Buck Brannaman follower applies healing ideas to fictional horses and humans.

by Elizabeth Cain

Yucca—The Wonder Plant?

In the 1980’s and early 90’s, glucosamine, msm, chondroitin sulfate, etc., were not “fashionable”. Many horse owners at that time used yucca to promote joint health because it was thought that yucca had anti-inflammation properties.

February 2015 - Villa Chardonnay

Temecula rescue seeks more land to accommodate more horses and other animals.

by Alex Lynch • photos by Abram Goglanian

February 2015 - Racing Home!

The “Christmas 12” Rescue underscores Neigh Savers’ need for own facility.

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