Jaguar van Paemel – Top Performer & Stellar Sire

by Kate Sanchez

Jaguar van Paemel, a 2009 Belgian Warmblood stallion, owned by Geraldine Bidwell, was imported to the U.S in March of 2019. After a lucrative competition and breeding career in Europe for several years, the stallion has proven to be just as impressive in America. In the short time he’s been here, Jaguar has managed to excite breeders with high quality semen and his ability to get mares bred efficiently, thus passing on the traits he’s so well known for.

Jaguar Van Paemel

Jaguar van Paemel was bred by Luc Van Eeckhoudt and Karin Verdeyen of Stoeterij Van Paemel in Belgium. The 17.2 hand stallion is sired by Cicero Z and out of Sissi, by Sandro. The majority of Jaguar’s competition career in Europe was under Dirk Demeersman who showed him in over 100 FEI classes up to 1m50 (Grand Prix). Later, he went to Aldrick Cheronnet of France who rode him up to 1.60 (Six bar competition) before coming to American in 2019. He is approved for breeding by multiple US and European registries, including Zangersheide in 2012, and considered “one of their best stallions.” Jaguar has gone on to also be approved by the American Hanoverian Society and Hanoverian Verband, American Rhineland Studbook, Belgian Warmblood Association and BWP/NAD, Westfalen Verband, and North American Westfalen Studbook. Chris Sallee of the BWP/NAD says that the BWP studbook committee was delayed due to COVID-19 for announcing elite candidates last year, but Jaguar was taken into consideration for Elite Stallion status at the end of 2020. “Through his accomplishments in sport and the accomplishments of his offspring, we have every expectation to see it happen,” Sallee shares. “We’ve already registered his first two American born colts at BWP/NAD, and we’re learning of many others to come!”

Jaguar Van Paemel winning at the same age as his son Otis Blue.
Jaguar Van Paemel as a 6-year-old in Europe.

Recognized for his impressive way of going, Jaguar is said to have beautiful style and lots of power and elasticity. Hap Hansen, who saw the stallion both in Europe and America says, “Jaguar van Paemel has phenomenal technique. He has a beautiful style with scope to spare.” And those who have chosen to breed mares to him took these factors into great consideration as well. Spruce Meadows International Ring Winning Breeder, Judy Hedreen, owner of Sylvan Farms in Snohomish, WA, has a mare in foal to Jaguar and she feels that there’s much to love about the stallion. “His technique over the fence is excellent. He is quick with his front legs, has a lovely bascule, lands lightly and is really good with his hind end – nice kick over the fence,” she shares. “His movement is elastic; he is balanced and has a nice stride.” It was because of these attributes as well as his soundness, conformation, and keen looks that Hedreen chose Jaguar for her mare. Similarly, Brian Bech-Hansen of Tallin Farm says he bred two mares to Jaguar to improve their size and because of his nice demeanor. “I like Jaguar a lot as a stallion because he is big, powerful, and fantastic looking – with a great canter and huge jump,” he says. “Most importantly he has a very nice temperament.”

Otis Blue, son of Jaguar. He won both the Wellington Circuit Championship for 6-year-olds last winter and the Eastern European Championship for the same after this photo was taken.
Picca Bella de Tilo (Jaguar van Paemel x Killeen van de Calloo Meerschen).
Bred by Sophie Kessels.
Jackson De Lasca Z (Jaguar van Paemel x Up Start). Bred by Cedric Angot Haras De Lasca.

Performance, temperament, and good looks are certainly factors for breeders to consider in a prospective mate for their mares and Jaguar possesses them all. Yet another wonderful attribute he holds is stellar semen quality. Making breeder’s jobs so much easier, they share how successful it’s been breeding to Jaguar. Dr. Ed Hamer handles all the stallion’s breeding and collection work at the Alamo Pintado Clinic in the Santa Ynez Valley. “Jaguar is always sent up to us for the collection and leads off the trailer to his stall the same way he came in. He knows his job, is good at it, and always gets to go home to his green pasture as soon as he’s done,” he shares. “Clients are really happy about the quality of the semen that we send, and FedEx picks up from us seven days a week so we are able to be very flexible with what each mare owner needs.” Jaguar has at least two dozen foals coming to American owners in 2021, with pregnant mares in eight different states from California to New Jersey. Additionally, he’s been contracted to cover mares in Colorado, Wyoming, and Louisiana as well as sent semen to Mexico by way of Laredo, TX. Megan Palensky of Maryland was able to get her mare in to Jaguar foal on the first try and comments, “Lovely stallion, super potent, easy process all around. We will be breeding multiples back again this year.” Bech-Hansen adds that his experience with Jaguar’s semen was great as well, saying it was some of the best he has ever used, both fresh and frozen. “I highly recommend Jaguar in terms of semen quality. It is absolutely stellar- jet fuel in my opinion,” he says. Bech-Hansen has two foals coming by Jaguar and used fresh semen for one, and frozen for the other. “One was made from eight straws of frozen semen. Due to the very good quality of his semen we decided to do timed insemination pre and post ovulation rather than 6 hour checks and post ovulation breeding only. The mare got pregnant on the first try- maiden mare”, he recalls. The process for breeding the mare with fresh semen was even more interesting. The breeding was made with just one dose of fresh chilled semen and was an embryo transfer in a 6-year-old mare whose previous owners had tried to get pregnant three times with good frozen semen at a highly respected clinic, with no luck. “We tried mediocre semen from a highly sought after jumper stallion two times with no luck,” Bech-Hansen comments. “… then went to Jaguar’s fresh chilled and the mare took first time and the embryo was successfully flushed and transferred to a recip mare.” Jaguar’s high-quality semen has made his breeders extremely happy with their choice to breed their mares to him. Hedreen had a similar experience with his fresh semen on her mare with a single try, noting that breeders love it when they are able to say it’s a success with, “one and done.”

Jewel ASK Z (Jaguar van Paemel x Diamant de Semilly) got approved for Studbook Dansk Varmblod and was appointed premium stallion. Jewel was bred by Dirk Demeersman and is owned by Stutteri Ask A/S.
Jukebox van Paemel Z (Jaguar van Paemel x Betina van Paemel). Bred by Stoeterij Van Paemel BVBA.
J’adore Van Paemel Z (Jaguar van Paemel x Fortuna van Paemel). Bred by Stoeterij Van Paemel BVBA.
Photo: Sara Shier Photography

Jaguar has made an impact on his own in so many ways, although his offspring have only yet begun to show what they’re capable of. Jaguar has about 75 offspring in Europe and a handful in the U.S, many of which are showing to have his same talent and ability. Otis Blue, a son of his, won both the Wellington Circuit Championship for six-year-olds last winter, as well as the Eastern Championship for six year olds. Nic Nac van Paemel and several other of his foals have gone on to jump 1m30 level in Europe, while multiple sons of his have won approvals for breeding in Denmark and Belgium. Bidwell says she’s enjoyed his offspring, many times over. “Jaguar is like a good dream that repeats itself. After importing two of his daughters and enjoying them so much, we discovered a young son of Jaguar’s in Budapest and bought him too,” she recalls. “…we have a mare in foal to him that will deliver this spring. I think that’s a lot of Jaguars for any family to have, but he’s the only horse that my husband also has a weakness for. He walks out every day and feeds him a cookie.” Jaguar’s first foals born in the U.S did not disappoint either. Ukai Jaguar came first, out of a Champion Irish 1.30 speed horse that was imported for top jump rider, Maud Christal. The colt now grazes happily alongside the second U.S born Jaguar foal, USA Jaguar, owned by Russell and Jenny Morgan. He is out of a Thermal Million Dollar Grand Prix show jumping mare named Dusty, and Russell says the colt “… has the look of a world class athlete with a beautiful head, intelligent eye and moves across the ground with an athletic ease.” Bidwell holds both of the first U.S born foals in high regard, sharing that, “Both colts showed the tell-tale silver fuzz of a dark horse that’s color is about to give rise to silver smoke and dapple- and today it’s very clear that both colts have turned grey…Jaguar puts his stamp on all of them, even though they might start out looking a bit like their dams.” People are impressed by what they’re seeing in Jaguar’s foals, not only in terms of eye-appeal but also trainability, and many are anxiously awaiting this year’s foals, Bech-Hansen being no exception. “I have seen a few of his offspring and I would describe them as level-headed, amateur friendly horses with great canter and scope,” he says, “I am very excited about our two Jaguar babies coming in 2021.” Additionally, Hedreen says she has high hopes for the cross on her mare, HPM Chatarina SF who competed to 1.45 in the jumps and preliminary in Eventing. Her goal for the pairing is to, “breed a jumping horse of national and hopefully international quality.”

Jetset van Paemel Z (Jaguar van Paemel x Betina van Paemel). Bred by Stoeterij Van Paemel BVBA.
Ukai Jaguar. Bred & owned by Maud Christal.
USA Jaguar. Bred & owned by Russel & Jenny Morgan.

This phenomenal stallion has the traits that everyone is looking for when breeding a mare. Jaguar van Paemel will grab your attention with his good looks, hold onto it with his beautiful style over fences, and garner your appreciation for a stallion who is already making a big impact with his foals on the ground, in multiple parts of the world.

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