The American Hanoverian Society: Champions Sara Roeser and Sharon Angell Talk About Their Winning Season!

The American Hanoverian Society (the Society) was established in 1978 to promote and support breeders, riders, owners, fans of the Hanoverian horses in the United States.  More recently, the Society has also taken on management of the Rhineland horse studbook for the United States as well.  Offering two separate studbooks always our members even greater flexibility in their breeding decisions and registration options.

Our breed registries service more than just breeders however.  The Society works diligently to promote the performance results of Hanoverian and Rhineland horses competing in dressage, eventing, hunters, jumpers, and driving.

The Society is very proud of all the riders and their Hanoverian and Rhineland horses who competed this past year in all disciplines. This year›s show season proved to be exceptional for many of our dressage owners and breeders as Society members topped the winner›s list in many USDF divisions.  Through the USDF All-Breeds Program, the Society offers to Open, Adult Amateur, and Junior/Young Rider competitors.  We also saw two Hanoverian horses on the US Silver Medal winning Team for Dressage at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Formula One.

Showcasing our breeds versatility, we also offer a robust awards program for Hunter and Jumper competitors through the Society. Two Champions in 2 different divisions each this past show season are Sara Roeser and her Hanoverian gelding Formula One (For Romance I – Contessa/HLP Contendro I, owner Sara Roeser) and Sharon Angell and her Hanoverian mare Montego Bay WF (ES Magic -EM Wellgunde/ ES World Cup IV, owner Sharon Angell breeder Windswept Farm). Both these champions are trained by Amy Hughes. The team of Sara and Formula One are 2021 Champions in both the Hunter 2’ and 2’3” divisions. Sharon and Montego Bay WF are 2021 Champions in both the Hunter 2’6” and 3’ divisions. Let’s get to know Sara and Sharon and get a glimpse into their winning journey this past year.

Society members, Sara Roeser and Sharon Angell along with their trainer, Amy Hughes, truly did have their hard work throughout the 2021 show season pay off as both owner and horse combinations took home multiple Champion year-end awards. These combinations were able to accumulate their points while showing around the northern United States at ‘A’ and ‘AA’ rated shows such as Saratoga Skidmore College and HITS Saugerties.

For Sara Roeser and her Hanoverian, Formula One, known as “Enzo” around the barn, this was their first show season together in the USHJA 2’3” Hunter and USHJA 2’6” Hunter divisions. Amy her trainer commented “They had an unbelievable first show year together and the first young horse that Sara has brought along.  They basically started together from the ground up once he arrived in New York.  I’m so proud of her and all the work she has put in.

As we all know, some days can be more difficult than others with a young horse, but he is really pretty special!  She began this year just getting in the ring and putting full courses together, maybe trotting a lead change here and there, to putting it all together by the end of the show season and being Year End Champion in two divisions!” said Hughes on Sara and Formula One’s very successful first season outing together.

Montego Bay WF.

Montego Bay WF is no stranger to the show ring with multiple Society awards previously with Amy Hughes in the stirrups. “She definitely has a personality and is a «bossy» mare at times, but also can be very gentle. When she is at horse shows, she knows her job and does it well!” Sharon Angell said about her leading lady Montego Bay WF or “Stella” as she is known around the barn.

Choosing the Hanoverian breed is not a new choice for trainer Amy Hughes, “This is by far the warmblood breed that I have worked with the most, so I MUST love them! From their beautiful, elastic movement to incredible jumping talent, this breed really seems to have it all for multiple disciplines.” Formula One along with Montego Bay WF are two of the multiple Hanoverian horses Hughes has in her training program. Sara said fondly about her Hanoverian gelding, “When I am riding him [Formula One], I can always tell that he is trying his best to please. He has a super work ethic, but I can also enjoy a relaxing trail ride with him. He truly is just a nice and fun horse to be around, he is always doing something that makes me smile,”

Wrapping up an extremely successful 2021 show season for Sara, Sharon, and Amy we asked them to share their thoughts about the awards program and why they participate. “I like the variety of divisions you can enter to receive year-end awards. It›s so nice that there are many different height options so that young horses, like Formula One, who are just starting out have the opportunity for a year-end award,” explained Sara about her favorite reason she is a part of the Awards Program. Amy has been involved in the Society Awards Program for many years now and always tries to get her clients and their horses involved as well, “I love how it showcases the Hanoverian breed.  The recognition that it gives to the breeders, owners, riders, and trainers is amazing! I know from personal experience that when my clients receive their End of Year Awards in the mail, and their picture in the magazine, it makes them feel so accomplished!  It definitely keeps them motivated and looking forward to the next show season, and has actually helped in their decision to purchase another Hanoverian as their next partner!”

In addition to the USDA all-breeds awards, the Society also presents annual inspection site awards and trophies for the top inspection site foal, gold medal foals, futurity champions and Hanoverian and Rhineland Inspection Site Champion Mares. A few notable Society perpetual trophies are the Bar von Buedingen Memorial Trophy which is awarded for the highest scoring Hanoverian mare seen during the Society’s annual inspection tour. The Society’s perpetual Engler-Friedlander trophy is awarded to the Hanoverian mare that achieves the highest Mare Performance Test (MPT) score during that year’s inspection tour. The Hartwig Memorial trophy is awarded to the best North American-bred young Hanoverian mare. The Brooklea Farm Overall Champion Eventing Award is given to the horse with the most points, adjusted for difficulty, from the eventing winners.

For more information and a complete listing of the Society’s annual awards can be found at