Find out how our feeds deliver the competitive edge your horses need to stand above the rest.

There can only be one best.TM We mean that. ProElite® feeds are designed to deliver the competitive edge your horses need to stand out above the rest. Our formulas are infused with a special blend of ingredients, specifically developed to support performance and stamina, along with maintaining overall condition and appearance. The product line boasts an exclusive combination of amino acid profiles to enhance performance; guaranteed starch and sugar levels to bring confidence in calorie sourcing; and a proprietary, custom-designed probiotic package that can only be found in ProElite products.


Unparalleled Amino Acid Profiles for Enhanced Performance

Amino acids are primary building blocks to a horse’s performance delivering superior toplines, haircoat, hoof quality, and muscle function. Our company has spent decades studying the effects of amino acids on animal performance to build a wealth of knowledge that is unparallel in the industry. Most of our competitors only guarantee three of these amino acids and have lower levels than what are found in ProElite feeds. We go the next step by formulating and listing four amino acids: lysine, methionine, threonine, and tryptophan—at levels proven to provide the amazing results you demand. What’s on your feed tag?

Regulated Starch and Sugar Levels for Confident Calorie Sourcing

When you’re in it to win, consistency is essential, and keeping starch and sugar levels stable is critical. Most of our competitor’s list a one-time lab value of the starch and sugar levels in their products on their website or sales materials. This is a lab result from one point in time and there is no guarantee that the product will not exceed that if tested again. Winners don’t rely on luck. We guarantee our maximum starch and sugar levels right on the tag, which is regulated by law, so you know our product will not exceed the value your horse demands. Does your feed promise that?

Top Digestive Health Package for Superior Digestibility

A horse that receives the maximum benefit from their feeding program will show it in their performance.  ProElite feeds were developed with an industry-leading, broad spectrum approach with six strains of probiotics and two forms of prebiotics, formulated to maximize the gut health of the horse. All ProElite products include not only tried and true strains such as lactobacillus acidophilus, but new strains such as bacillus subtilis, culminating in daily total microbial counts in excess of 10 billion CFUs and 11 billion CFUs per day of prebiotics.* This combination has been shown repeatedly in our proprietary research to improve NDF (fiber from hay) digestibility when combined with other functional ingredients found in ProElite feeds. Improved digestive efficiency combined with a healthy digestive tract assures they can perform at their maximum potential every day. Are you getting the most out of your feeding program?

Nutrition-Locked Formulas for Consistent Nutritional Quality

Here’s something your feed supplier won’t tell you. Locking formulas alone does not guarantee a consistent nutrition supply to your horse because nutrient quality can vary greatly for the same ingredient seasonally and across the United States. We lock our formulas to give you the same quality ingredients, in every bag. But we go a step further. We leverage rigorous nutrient testing to account for nutritional fluctuations of ingredients to ensure a consistent nutrient supply. When you feed ProElite feeds, your horse receives consistent ingredients, consistent appearance, and consistent nutrition every time. Do you really know what your getting in your current feed?

Does your feed claim to be beyond comparison?  We say, “Bring it.”

There can only be one best. See for yourself. Grab a tag and ask:

  • How many amino acids are guaranteed?
  • How many of each amino acid is supplied?
  • Are your starch and sugar levels provided with a guaranteed maximum?
  • How many pre- and probiotics are you getting today?
  • How do they ensure a consistent nutrient supply, not just locked formulas?