Here’s why amino acids are the single most important nutrient to help horses look and feel their best.

Do you want to be the winner? The winning horses in any realm of the horse world, be it competition, sale, or that foal in your pasture, always look great. While a lot of time and focus is spent on the fat content or vitamin and mineral make up of a feed—there is probably not a single more important nutrient to make horses look and feel their best than amino acids.

    Amino Acids Build Strong Horses

Virtually every structure of the horse is built from amino acids. Gleaming haircoats? A horse’s hair is made up of 95% amino acids. Structurally sound hooves? You guessed it. Hooves are comprised of 95% amino acids.  Muscle, the engine that powers your horse, are 73% amino acids. Bone, the all-important structure that supports the weight of you and your horse and needs to develop from birth with strength and correctness, is built from 30% amino acids. A horse is made from amino acids. That is why horses with the best amino acid intake look and perform to their highest potential.

The Importance of Amino Acids

Amino acids themselves are the individual molecules that form together in various length and chain combination to build protein. One way to think of amino acids is that they are the letters that make up our alphabet. When combined together in a specific sequence and order we get words. Like letters making up words, amino acids when combined make-up the protein your horse needs to fuel its performance. Words assembled together in a precise form create sentences that tell a story, like the different amino acids combine to fuel a horse’s appearance, performance, and overall wellness. There are twenty one amino acids used by horses, ten of which are defined as “essential.” The essential amino acids need to be taken in through the diet. Like letters of the alphabet, these ten essential amino acids are like the vowels, A, E I O, and U. You cannot spell words or form sentences without them. When a horse’s diet is deficient in any one of the ten essential amino acids such as lysine, methionine, threonine or tryptophan, it will not look or perform its best.

The ProElite® Advantage

All ProElite feeds are formulated with an industry-leading amino acid profile to enhance your horse’s performance. The most important amino acids to drive appearance and performance, lysine, methionine, threonine, and tryptophan are guaranteed right on the bag. But it’s not the presence of these amino acids alone that matters. Our proprietary formulation ensures a precise combination of each amino acids to drive performance, even when fed in situations where horses are working their hardest or hay quality is less than desired. Our unparalleled combination of amino acids only found in ProElite feeds are designed to develop amazing toplines, gleaming haircoats, and sound hooves to make sure your horse looks, feels, and performs to its top potential.