Castlebrook Barns: Affordable Luxury With A Personal Touch

provided by Castlebrook Barns

The name Castlebrook Barns has been a symbol of excellence in the equine industry for over two decades, and the reason why is clear: The team at Castlebrook understands that the safety and comfort of your horses is of the utmost importance and that delivering excellent customer service is just as, if not more, important as the structures themselves.

Having their customer service department on premises allows Castlebrook to control and coordinate every aspect of your experience. When you call Castlebrook, you get a live person to assist you. The sales department is there to help in the design of your structure, and the production and customer service departments are there to aid in arranging shipment and to coordinate the final erection of your structure. You can be assured when you work with Castlebrook Barns that customer service is the number one priority. At Castlebrook, there are no middlemen and no distributors. You are working with Castlebrook personnel from beginning to end, making the process easier and your point of contact clear.

If you have a chance to visit Castlebrook’s facility, you will see a variety of barns, covered round pens, and other structures that showcase the versatility of their modular structures and maybe even get your own creative juices flowing on your personalized structure. Whether in person or on the phone, you will have the opportunity to work with one of their many qualified sales professionals to discuss your personal needs as well as interact with the production and customer service staff. By owning their own fabrication facility, rather than out-sourcing their products, it allows them to achieve superior quality control; therefore, your specific needs are never out of the realm of their ability to make your vision a reality.

Castlebrook’s barns are standout in the industry, as they are built with the structural integrity of a full 3/16” steel column, nearly 3 times as stout as any of their competitors. They proudly offer a lifetime structural warranty on all their barns. Castlebrook’s painted framework and timeless beauty of tongue and groove lumber are a few of many finer touches added to their beautiful design. By using exclusively the highest quality “select deck” lumber in their modular system, Castlebrook is able to take advantage of the wood’s inherent quality as a natural insulator. Castlebrook’s barns stay cooler in the hottest summer climates and warmer in winter’s bitter cold. Other thoughtful appointments, like an air gap at the bottom of the structure to expel urine and a space at the top of every stall for increased air ventilation, immediately alerts anyone, from the beginning horseman to the most avid trainer, that the precious contents housed in the structure can depend on their many years of product development to provide a safe and comfortable environment. In addition to your years of enjoyment, a Castlebrook Barn retains significantly higher resale value and brings substantial improvement and value to your horse property.

At Castlebrook Barns they are proud to offer a variety of barn styles to suit anyone’s aesthetic, structural, architectural or size needs. Castlebrook Barns has solutions that range from barns that you can assemble yourself to full-featured custom equestrian centers. Whatever your needs, whether it’s a barn, workshop, RV or boat storage, or a garage for your car collection, Castlebrook Barns offers the most beautiful and functional structures in the industry.

Castlebrook Barns’ professional team can be reached at 1-800-52-BARNS and gladly accommodate Saturday appointments!