Klassen Wood Company

Fighting against rising costs and a supply chain crisis in the animal bedding industry

provided by Klassen Wood Company

The past year has been a challenging time for all businesses. Labor shortages, inflation, shipping delays, extreme weather events, and more. Odds are, that you or someone close to you has been greatly affected by one or more of these events and had to adapt to the changing world around them.

In the face of these headwinds, Klassen Wood Company has remained committed to providing horse and livestock owners with its highest quality shavings products at the best prices possible. The main challenges that Klassen continues to face are the rising cost of fuel and the capacity shortages in the freight market. These two factors have seen costs rise substantially for every aspect of its production and fulfillment process.

However, Klassen has worked to keep prices as stable as possible and its products moving to market consistently throughout these struggles. It has done this through capacity and pricing agreements with its key freight providers, partnering with suppliers on batch orders for packaging materials, and investing in its own freight division to improve its customer service levels and ensure customers get their shavings in a timely manner.

Beyond rising costs and inconsistencies, Klassen has expanded its product offering to pelleted bedding and maintains high production volumes of its core products: Coastal Flake and Alpine Flake. Coastal flake has served as the bedding of choice in the equine community for its perfect blend of smaller absorbent flakes with medium-to-large flakes for comfort, looks, and affordability. Alpine Flake is the perfect bedding for high-end livestock and show livestock as well as being Klassen’s lightest and most comfortable bedding material. It also offers the absorbency expected for a budget shavings product without compromising on its appearance.

As we head into the summer season, know that Klassen is here no matter the circumstances, ready to deliver quality shavings products at the best prices possible. Reach out if you want to know more! www.klassenwoodco.com, info@klassenwoodco.com, 888-348-1939.