Local Riders Go To Championships West 2022

We’re “The NEW” So Cal Region of the United States Pony Club

  • ALL AGES (kids & adults now)
  • ALL DISCIPLINES (11 different equestrian sports recognized by USPC)
  • ALL SIZES (horses or ponies)
  • ALL LEVELS (from our junior badge program all the way up to pre-veterinary knowledge and Olympic candidates!

So Cal Region Pony Club sent 24 competitors (both kids and adults) to represent our region. We had participants in several different disciplines: Quiz (a competition solely based on equine knowledge challenges), Dressage, Western Dressage and Show Jumping.

To earn their scores, these hard working equestrians were judged on both riding and horsemanship skills throughout the whole competition. During the mounted disciplines they compete as a team of 3-4 riders and 1 stable manager that helps lead their team to success.

Here are the overall Results that So Cal Region Pony Club Members brought home!

There are approximately 10,000 Pony Club members in 600 clubs and centers throughout the USA. Along with an emphasis on helping its members learn to ride and care for horses, Pony Club promotes teamwork, a sense of responsibility, safety, good moral judgment and self-confidence.

About Pony Club – The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. (Pony Club) was founded in 1954 as a nonprofit national youth organization to teach riding and horsemanship through a formal educational program. Many of the nation’s top equestrians, including several of our Olympic team members, business professionals, government leaders and career military officers, have roots in Pony Club. Youth members range in age from as young as 4 through age 25 but the age has recently been extended to Adult members now too as they also are enjoying the educational curriculum that is available too! There are currently 20 clubs & centers throughout our Southern California Region that spans from Las Vegas to Orange County all the way down to the Mexican Border. Pony Club has also expanded their expertise to over 11 specialty disciplines to include Eventing, Show Jumping / Hunter Seat Equitation, Dressage, Western Dressage, Gymkhana, Games, Fox Hunting, Polocrosse, Quiz (Horse Management knowledge), Vaulting, Polo, Tetrathlon (Swimming, Running, Shooting & Show Jumping) in over 600 clubs and riding centers in 42 regions throughout the country. Many of the Upper Level Riders also find the college scholarships and International Exchanges extremely attractive as well! Come join us & expand your equine knowledge https://southerncalifornia.ponyclub.org/

All Pony Club competition is team competition, much like the Olympic games, where members learn the importance of cooperation and teamwork. Anyone interested in learning more about the Pony Club program can contact socalregionrs@gmail.com or check on our website to find a club or center near you!