IEHJA News & Updates

by Patti Schooley

Can you believe it’s September already? The 2022 show season is almost complete, and there is only two months until the IEHJA Year End Extravaganza and Medal Finals. In addition, IEHJA has some very exciting news to share with its members and the hunter/jumper horse community!

New Sponsorship Announced

IEHJA is proud to announce that it has formed a partnership with Santa Anita Park, it’s off the Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) aftercare provider CARMA to promote Thoroughbred versatility and second careers in the hunter/jumper arena. Santa Anita Park and Thoroughbred racehorse owners donate a portion of their winnings to support the aftercare program which rehouses, rehabs, provides second career training, and adopts OTTBs. For its part IEHJA intends to promote OTTB by offering more TIP classes, provide educational information about CARMA and horse adoption, and in addition to Santa Anita, encourage more sponsorship of OTTB classes. Stay tuned for more detailed information on this very exciting partnership!

Year End Extravaganza and Medal Finals – Save the Date

IEHJA decided to change the name of their year-end show to better reflect its class offerings, family friendly environment and signature class. The “Stick Horse Extravaganza team event” involves horse, riders, family and sometimes audience members. In addition, the Meet & Great Dinner, now sponsored by Santa Anita Park, provides a venue for riders to get to know one another in a non-competitive environment. The Year End Extravaganza also offers a full complement of hunter, equitation and jumper divisions, a Hunter Derby, hunter classics, mini prix, medals, and IEHJA Medal Finals. Show is open to all competitors, no prequalifying required.

The Year End Extravaganza and Medal finals is scheduled for November 11th-13th at beautiful Galway Downs. Contact Allie Sibley at or Gretchen Clark at for more information.

USHJA Affiliate Nominations for National Horse Show, Las Vegas, November 14th-20th

IEHJA is an affiliate member of USHJA and is eligible to nominate three riders per division to compete in the Las Vegas National Horse Show . IEHJA members are required to apply to the Board of Directors describing their experience, competition goals, horsemanship skills and why they should be nominated. After reviewing the applications, the IEHJA Board selects one to three nominees for each division. The nominations are then forwarded to USHJA for final selection. This is the second year IEHJA has participated in this program. Last year’s participants had a great time and learned a lot!

New Show Series and Venue

IEHJA is proud to announce the sanctioning of a new show series and venue . KA Productions presents horse shows at the storied Paddock Riding Club in Los Angeles. Karen Perlow, show manager along with Allison Baxter-Germai, describe the shows as affordable, a great opportunity to get into the show ring and accumulate points and fun. KA Productions offers two show series “Fun under the Sun” and the “Paddock Hunter Jumper Shows”. For more information explore their website,

Expansion of Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) at IEHJA Sanctioned Shows

IEHJA and its partner Santa Anita Park have made a commitment to promote OTTBs for a second career in the hunter/jumper show arena. One way to encourage more OTTB participation is to increase the number of TIP classes and awards at IEHJA sanctioned events. A new TIP Committee Chair, Maddy Lopez, has been seated on the IEHJA Board of Directors. She is developing a step-by-step process for show managers to include TIP classes in their show schedules. Everything from registering your show with TIP, what classes qualify for TIP, to ordering prizes, to pointing and submitting points to TIP. The 2022 IEHJA Year End Extravaganza and Medal Finals will also include TIP classes with a tack trunk (provided by Caroline Betts and Gretchen Clark, see below) stuffed with Santa Anita and other swag awarded to the show’s hi-point OTTB. Be sure and register your OTTB today to participate in this exciting new program.

Second Tack Trunk to be Awarded at Showcase Show Series

The Showcase Show Series has long been a proponent of OTTBs and Tip classes. For the second year in a row show manager Gretchen Clark has teamed with Caroline Betts to award a tack trunk to the hi-point Thoroughbred of the Showcase Show Series. The 2022 competition has been stiff, and the tack trunk will be awarded at the September 11th Showcase Show Series final. Santa Anita is also providing swag to stuff the trunk.

Website Update

IEHJA is in the process of re-designing its website. To enhance public outreach in the interim the following resources are provided:

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Lots more exciting things to come in the next few months. Remember to save the date(s) Nov. 11th-13th for the Year End Extravaganza and Medal Finals. Premiums will be mailed to trainers, members, and others on the IEHJA mailing list. If you would like to be included in our mailing, please send your information to Jessica Abbott Clark as listed above. Hope to see you there.