Friesian Focus Hosts Dutch Keuring for Friesian Horses

photos: Terri Miller Photography

Joan Hernandez, owner of Friesian Focus in Murrieta, invites horse lovers to come experience the best Friesian breeding stock in Southern California. This year’s event will include a special exhibition by her own approved breeding stallion, Monte 378 Sport.

Friesians are a beautiful breed and stunning to see in person. They have continued to grow in popularity among horse lovers, and they certainly are eye catching with their beautiful black coats, long manes and tails and feathers on their legs.

This year’s event is this month, Oct. 10, 8am-3pm and is being held at Joan’s beautiful ranch in the Tenaja area of Murrieta. Address is 43975 Tenaja Rd., Murrieta, CA. To learn more visit their website or call 951-304-7945.