T.A.L.E.S Raises $4,100 for Equine Charities!

by Cheryl Erpelding

On Aug. 6 2022, Tails and Legends Equestrian Society – T.A.L.E.S, a newly formed non-profit, hosted an evening fundraiser of equestrian exhibits in exquisite costumes, on gorgeous horses to an enthusiastic audience. The guests enjoyed a live band, were treated to delicious food and drink, and vied for amazing donated prizes from sponsors and donors across San Diego County. The event was held at the Beautiful Escola Del Sol Ranch, in Ramona, owned by Ann Rogers and co-hosted by Sarah Pinney, a dressage and working equitation trainer who lives on the equestrian ranch. Both women are life-long horse lovers who were very excited with the success of their first event that raised $4,100 for the first three equine charities that they are supporting: Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation, Laughing Pony Rescue and After the Finish Line. They are already building on their first event’s success and busy planning their Nov. 12th event to be held at Escola Del Sol 5-8pm.

Ann who is the non-profit’s CFO, loves helping animals, horses in particular, and says “I’m beyond excited to fulfill my dream of saving as many horses as possible by founding T.A.L.E.S. fundraising and exhibition group!” She comes from a long line of ranchers in Arkansas. Ann was born an animal lover and would bring home and care for every stray cat and dog she ran across! As a brave little girl she would confront and stop anyone she saw being cruel to animals. In her lifetime, she has rescued seven horses in need and returned them to health.

Members of T.A.L.E.S perform at their first event to raise funds for horses in need.

Sarah, T.A.L.E.S.’s CEO, is a professional horse trainer based in San Diego, www.SunhillTraining.com. Sarah has been absolutely “horse crazy” since her earliest memories and has made horses her life’s passion. She began riding lessons at age 7 and has never wavered in her riding or learning! She specializes in starting youngsters and trains the Andalusian and Lusitano breeds in particular. Sarah rides, trains, breeds, competes, teaches, and in recent years judges at horse competitions. Sarah says, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this wonderful T.A.L.E.S. group!”

The Tails and Legends Equestrian Society performers with their beautiful horses of many different breeds including Friesians, Lusitanos and Andalusians.

The T.A.L.E.S. Group is made up an eclectic group of horse lovers from all walks of life. They perform quadrille, pas de deux and other forms of equine demonstrations to entertain their guests, all in the efforts to raise funds for worthy equine non-profits. Currently on the team are: Kyle Belding, Heidi Trowbridge, Marcy Millar, Birgitta Hufnagel, Shauna Brown Harris, Dawnell Riggs-Richey, Julie Steele, Kate Malone, Lisa Andregg, Christi Hayes Garfinkel D.V.M., Matt French, Hannah Mini Ebstein, and Jeffrey Hedgecock. Check out the team’s pics and bios that are posted on their newly created website www.tailsandlegends.org, which is under construction by Cheryl Erpelding, who donated a portion of the website design fees to T.A.L.E.S to help the organization in their fundraising efforts. You can also find T.A.L.E.S. on Facebook to follow and support them, and stay up on their upcoming events: www.facebook.com/Tails-and-Legends-Equestrian-Society-103860302454459.

The riders rode beautiful horses in exquisite costumes.

T.A.L.E.S. thanks their sponsors and donors and invites more horse lovers to join them on their quest to help as many horses in need as possible.

The inaugural round of donors are:

• Peter San Nicolas, The Gym Ramona
• Randy Rae, RAE Automotive
• Law Offices of Gary Kreep
• Kahoots Ramona
• Diamond D Feed
• Maricos de Del Mar Cortez
• Nuevo Grill
• Barn Restaurant
• Toro’s Taco Cart
•  Emergency Exit Band
• Mahogany Mountain Winery
• Knotty Horse Equine Massage & Saddle Fitting
• Victorian Roses
• Tails and Legends Equestrian Society
• XO Photography
•  Dan Anaya
• Rick Alter
• Steve Baldwin
• Kyle Belding
• Jon Brooks
• Ken Ely
• Dennis and Betsy Engstrom
• Guliano and Marissa DeLecce
• Peter Gallagher
• Jennifer Harwell
• Leigh Hughes
• Kate Malone
• Dawn Mullen
• Nick A.
• Aaron Paris
• Amanda Perez
• Darlene Rose
• Pam and Terry Riggs
• Ken and Heather Riggs
• John Fulk and Dawnell Richey
• Al Riggs
• Carolyn and Dick Steinke
• Peter Singer
• David Sommerville
• Bryan and Lynn Harrington
• Larry and Rachele Poole
• Jen Graham