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Mangalarga Marchadors are prized around the world for their wonderful fast and smooth gaiting ability. For long rides and for trail, they are my breed of choice. However, here at Summerwind Marchadors, many of our owners value the versatility of the breed as well and have taken their horses on exciting new paths.

The three sports we will highlight here are Working Equitation, Eventing and Mounted Archery. All of these disciplines are international equine sports and emphasize the partnership and training of the horse and rider team. They each have many levels for all types of riders and abilities to start and to progress. The Mangalarga Marchador is especially suited to these human-horse partnerships with a wonderful temperament, work ethic and intelligence.

Adrienne C Scheck PhD, riding her Marchador mare Gaia do Summerwind.

Working Equitation

Working Equitation (WE) is a multi-functional discipline where horse and rider are required to perform together in 4 different events spanning multiple days – working dressage; ease of handling with obstacles; speed with obstacles; and, in the highest-level events, cattle handling. It is the type of riding that in days past was vital in the fields where the horse was an invaluable working partner. Many Summerwind Marchadors are training and competing in Working Equitation.

Adrienne C Scheck: “I have begun learning working equitation with my MM Gaia do Summerwind. This sport allows all breeds and requires no special training style, tack or costume – making it easy to start and very accessible for all levels of riders. Working equitation is a fun way to continually strengthen the bond I have with my special mare and to improve my riding precision and control. It is a friendly and supportive atmosphere. In level 1 we do the ease of handling (obstacles) and working dressage. It is much more fun than plain “drills” to improve precision. WE is a great sport to showcase the versatility and intelligence of this breed.”

D.J. Sims Klein with Caesar do Summerwind. Photo: Katherine Edwards

D.J. Sims Klein: “Working Equitation has been a fun and exciting challenge for me and the horses. I was not new to showing and was hesitant to get back into because I felt that I often disagreed with the practices that you see across the show industry but Working Equitation offered a very different experience. It was such a welcoming sport for someone new with a lot of resources to learn and better yourself. I was most impressed with the emphases on the well-being of the horses and the horsemanship that their riders possessed. I had a decent relationship with my horse Caesar before we started Working EQ but he absolutely blossomed in this sport. I have never felt more in sync with him. It was the first time that showing was more than winning the class, everything we did transferred outside the ring and overall made my horse and myself more rounded and versatile. I’ve never experienced a better relationship with my horse.


Eventing is an international equestrian event where a single horse and rider combine and compete against other competitors across the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. This event has its roots in a comprehensive cavalry test that required mastery of several types of riding.

Here is what Carolina Peterson has to say about her horse, Kharisma do Summerwind.

Kharisma do Summerwind and rider/trainer Servando Garcia. Owned by Carolina Peterson. Photo: Courtney Drake

“Kharisma came to me in October 2021 and within a couple of months discovered his love for jumping. He relaxes when he jumps, connects with his rider and trainer, Servando Garcia, with bravery and motivation. Kharisma didn’t mind logs, barrels, whatever was in front of him! What a brave guy! In his first competition, Servando was impressed, he said he was perfect on cross country!

Kharisma is also so smooth on the trail, which is where I ride him! I like to pamper him and my other Marchador Tigre. Kharisma loves it!”

Mounted Archery

This discipline dates back many thousands of years as a form of warfare. Many different cultures, producing different styles have used mounted archers. These styles are now being rediscovered by eager practitioners around the world.

Mounted archery is a technical sport. The distance to the target is continually changing, so they must keep their eyes on the target to maintain balance and know where to shoot. The horse are often ridden on a track/course without use of the reins (needing both hands to shoot). Mounted archers must also rely on instinct and touch to nock the arrow on the string while moving! So technical, and yet addicting!

Connie Claire and DaVinci do Summerwind (LEO). Photo: Scott Hodlmair

Connie Claire has worked diligently at this sport. She is nationally ranked and won Grand Champion at the Versatility Open in TN. They had a wonderful showing on a course new to them called the Hunt Course.

From Connie Claire and DaVinci do Summerwind (aka Leo), Archer’s Point Riders: “I am over the moon proud of Leo! He was so brave today! On the hunt course, you have to canter away from everyone and go into the dark woods, come out and go back in next to a stream with a canopy of trees. Leo trusted me and did his job!!!!!! It is becoming my favorite course! It reminds me of the cross country course in eventing. Targets instead of jumps. I used to be afraid but Leo is trusting me and we are turning into a team!!!”

About Summerwind Marchadors

John and Lynn became Marchador aficionados after ending their “real world” business careers buying their first Marchador in 2001. Summerwind breeding has become a labor of love since 2004.

“We want to improve every generation contributing to the Mangalarga Marchador breed in North America. We strive to get foals that are better than either of their parents” Lynn Kelley says. “That desire was the catalyst for Summerwind’s Future Foal program importing new genetics and frozen semen.”

Summerwind represents 12 Mangalarga Marchador stallions, offering imported frozen semen and frozen and cooled semen from Summerwind-bred stallions. They also breed “Summerwind Future Foals” that are reserved before birth using the mares and stallions in our program.

With ample guidance and discussions, clients create their dream by pairing mare and sire characteristics, based on preferences and what they plan to do eventually with the horse. It’s just an awesome way to start your journey and partnership with your Marchador.

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