Ashlyn Dodge & Maebria DG – First Level CDS Horse of the Year

by Cheryl Erpelding

In September, last year Ashlyn Dodge rode DG Bar Ranch’s KWPN 5 year old mare to win the California Dressage Society Horse of the Year title for First Level with a score of 74.728%. Born into the horse world, Ashlyn is the granddaughter of Tony and Betty DeGroot, who own DG Bar Ranch in Hanford, CA. The DeGroots began their successful Dutch warmblood breeding program in the 80s which is headed up by dressage trainer and rider, Willy Arts, who moved to CA in 1984 to help develop the family’s growing sporthorse operation.

Ashlyn, is a busy 28 year old mom, but is fortunate to have supportive family on hand to help with the child care of her two kids, while she helps ride, train and show the upcoming horses. Maebria DG, sired by Totilas, has a bright future and is training to earn an invitation for the the US Dressage Festival of Championships at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Chicago, IL this coming Aug.

Ashlyn is also working with Willy to take over some of the riding and showing duties for the farm’s stallions. Watch for Ashlyn this year as she continues to bring top dressage horses to the show ring. For more information on the DG Bar breeding, sales and training programs, visit