Congratulations to our Rosette Award Winners

submitted by Lynne Sherman, SBC CDS Communications Chair

The Santa Barbara Chapter of the California Dressage Society is proud to present twenty-five chapter members who qualified to earn a California Dressage Society Year End Award for their competition scores in 2022. Although the Santa Barbara chapter is small in membership, it is large in the enthusiasm and participation of its members and friends.

Dressage is a sport in which riders perform a series of three tests at each level from Training through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and finally, Grand Prix. Riders must enter CDS recognized shows and show, or test, in front of one or more judges. Judges grade each test and a number score of 60% is necessary to pass the test and move on to the next level. It is not easy to earn 60 %! It takes years of patient and careful development and entry into many shows for a horse and rider team to come up through the levels.

Training Level Award: Allyson Aldrich & Araripe dos Pinhais (Ari), owned by Bridget Walker.
Lisa White & Bethoven – CDS Rosette award for achieving 2 scores over 60% at 4th level dressage.
Katherine Sulzbach (rider/owner) & Limited Edition 92, 3rd level 3 open rosette

Known as Rosette Awards, these are actually brass bridle plates which can be mounted on a wooden display plaque and they present a handsome display of a horse and rider’s accomplishments through the years. A plate is awarded to a CDS member the first time he/she earns scores of 60% or better at Introductory C Level or above in a single show season. Recipients will continue to receive plates every year thereafter. The plate is engraved with the horse’s name, level of competition and number of scores.

Bridget Walker & Mo.
Chloe Adrian-Giannetto – Rosette Ruby Award winner. Photo: Terri Miller Photography
Hannah Finder & Valiente Del Lago – Rosette winners at First Level. Photo: AJSK Photography
Kelly Thoits & Redowa Star (owned by In the Irons Farm and Terri RocovichA) – Rosette winners for First Level Test 1.

We are proud of our competing members, and we are grateful to our many volunteers who make it possible for the Santa Barbara County chapter of CDS to host two CDS, USDF, USEF rated shows in May and August each year.

Juliet Bradley & Persephone! Rosette winners for Training Level Test 2.
Susan Soderman & Psyches Phantom – Rosette winners for Training Level. Photo: AJSK Photography

Each of these Santa Barbara County dressage competitors have earned rosettes for 2022:

Carolyn C. Adams
Chloe Adrian-Giannetto *
Allyson Aldrich *
Jerry Beatty
Juliet Bradley
Nicole Chastain Price
Naima Chaves
Juliet Corlett
Hannah Finder *
Brooklyn Gagne
Stephanie Gustafson
Antoinette Hubenette
Jill Jamison *
Ava Johnson
Debrorah Kagel
Marianne Kruidenier *
Tory Names
Bijou Masterson Phillips
Andrea Reid
Susan Soderman
Katherine Sulzbach
Kelly Thoits
Madison Wagner
Bridget Walker
Lisa White

Plates are awarded to CDS members who achieve scores of 60% or better at Intro Level C or above at any CDS recognized show.

*denotes scores over 70%