Cum Laude’s First North American Crop Crowned First Premium

provided by Iron Spring Farm

The Approved KWPN stallion Cum Laude landed in North America in the summer of 2021, just in time to breed to a few mares. The resulting foals were born late last summer, right before KWPN-NA keuring season. All four foals presented earned First Premium.

One of those foals was Sidney ISF (x Hofrat). The KWPN jury described Sidney ISF as an elegant and light footed mover with a good posture. He is a well-developed and long-lined colt, with a well-developed wither and shoulder.

Cum Laude is a CDI-winning dressage horse and popular sire. Photo: Digishots

Cum Laude’s yearling daughter Rosa Cum Laude (x Sir Donnerhall) was awarded 1st Premium, placing in the KWPN-NA Top Ten Dressage Yearlings for 2022. In 2021, she was the US Breeders Championships Western Final Champion with a 82.412%. (She was the first Cum Laude offspring born in the USA and was bred via frozen semen in 2020.)

Cum Laude’s European offspring also continue to rack up accolades. Kynona, Elite (x Ampere), is showing Z1 Level (Third Level equivalent), fulfilling the promise of the Mare Championships she received at the KWPN keurings.

Okatuska (x Ebony) was the Champion Mare at the KWPN Keuring in Drenthe with an 80/85 score and was invited to the KWPN National Mare Championships in Ermelo.

Namalia, Star, Provisional Keur (x Flemmingh, Preferent), competed in the Pavo Cup Qualifier.

Natalinda, Star, Provisional Keur (x All at Once), finished in 5th place with an 83.2% in the 4-5 Year-Old Dressage Horse division at the Horsefood Dressage Talent Final.

Cum Laude is available fresh, frozen and by the dose. He’s approved HANN, OLD and KWPN.

Sidney ISF, by Cum Laude, was named 1st Premium at the KWPN Keuring in 2022. Photo: Quinnten Alston

Kaiman’s First North American Foal Crop Due This Spring

Kaiman (Dark Pleasure x Gribaldi, Preferent) will have his first North American foal crop this year. During Kaiman’s stallion testing, he received 8.5s on his trot, canter, elasticity, balance, rideability, talent as a dressage horse, and an 8.0 on his walk. “Kaiman gives a very nice and comfortable feeling under the saddle,” said Dinja van Liere, who rode Kaiman before his importation. “He is very sweet and always focused on his rider. He always gives his best.”

Kaiman’s first son, Ohio (x Grand Galaxy Win), was licensed at the 2021 Oldenburg Stallion licensing in Vechta. Kaiman is available fresh, frozen and by the dose. He’s approved KWPN, ARS, HANN and OLD.

Kaiman is known for his kind personality. He is the sire of a Licensed Oldenburg stallion. Photo: Quinnten Alston

Tjalbert 460 Wins Get of Sire at Dressage at Devon

Tjalbert 460 (Beart 411, Sport, Preferent x Ulke 338, Sport) beat all breeds to win the prestigious Get of Sire class at Dressage at Devon in 2022. He was represented by three daughters in the class, including Rosalee ISF, who also won the Friesian class.

Tjalbert’s 2022 foal crop picked up numerous honors at the FHANA Keurings. Timothy ISF (x Harmen 424) was named Reserve Champion Colt at the Coatesville keuring and daughter Tieneke fan Friesian Run (xBene 476, Sport) was the Champion Filly at the Northern Texas FHANA keuring.

Tjalbert 460 is approved KFPS/FHANA and is available fresh, frozen and by the dose.

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Rosalee ISF, by Tjalbert 460, won the Friesian class at Dressage at Devon in 2022.
Photo: Purple Horse Designs