LAHJA Awards Banquet

by Kay Altheuser, LAHJA President

The LAHJA awards banquet was held at the Hotel Burbank in a very nice ballroom. The tables were decorated and a lovely Christmas tree made the room very festive. It was so nice to see such a good attendance for our first banquet since the pandemic started. The food was excellent. It was certainly fun to see everyone decked out in their finest clothing, although at times it was hard to tell who is who without riding clothes on! Thank you to all who attended, and although we have just started the 2023 season, we are already looking forward to being able to hold a wonderful awards banquet for 2023 as well.  Happy horse showing

1.0m-1.05m Ch Ad Jpr Ch Diamant De Reve B & Bea Strobl
1.0m-1.05m Ch Ad Jpr Res Prestige & Sophia Austin
2’0 Ch Ad Htr Res Endeavor & Barbara Messinger
2’3 Ch Ad Eq Ch Sasha Machala
2’3 Ch Ad Htr Ch Diorado VDL & Sasha Machala
2’6 Ch Eq Ch Jordan Freund (not pictured)
2’6 Ch Eq Res Siena Pravettone
2’6 Ch Htr Ch Small Joy & Jordan Freund
3’ Adult Htr CJ Pajamas & Jennifer Ryan
3’ Adult Htr Res Super Girl & Noelle Childers
3’0 Adult Eq Ch & Res Noelle Childers & Jennifer Ryan
2’9 Ch Ad Eq Ch Peighton Preston
3’0 Adult Eq Res Jennifer Ryan
2’0 Ch Ad Eq Ch Wendy Deneen
2’0 Ch Ad Htr 3rd (Res. ribbon) As Good as it Gets & Payton Jacobs
2’0 Ch Ad Htr Ch Ser Bronn & Wendy Deneen
2’3 Ch Ad Htr Res Powerball & River Lee
2’6 Ad Eq Ch Joann Niffenegger
2’6 Adult Htr Ch Notorious & Joann Niffenegger
2’9 Ch Ad Eq Res Story Austin
2’9 Ch Ad Htr Res Rexar & Story Austin
2’9 Ch Ad Htr CJ Notorious & Joann Niffenegger
3’0 Adult Eq Ch Noelle Chilers
3’0 Ch Eq Res Lucy Thomson
3’0 Ch Htr Res Custavino & Lucia Koyama (not pictured)
3’0 Ch Eq Ch Georgia Bass (not pictured)
3’0 Ch Htr Ch Touchback & Joe Thorpe