Ryan Pedigo – A Leader in the Breeders and Show Arenas

by Cheryl Erpelding

Ryan Pedigo is deeply passionate about his horses and his clients. Whether he is studying bloodlines in the pre-dawn morning, teaching a young horse to jump, or help a rider master a derby course, Ryan has his heart and soul in all aspects of his ever-evolving warmblood breeding program and his successful hunter/jumper training business. Even in 2021, when a random health issue had him recovering in a hospital bed for over three weeks, he was busy working on his laptop researching bloodlines and managing his day-to-day barn duties.

Ryan grew up on his parent’s busy breeding farm in Bend, OR, and was brought up doing all the horse chores such as mucking, feeding and helping with the breeding. This experience gave him a solid horsemanship foundation and the skills needed to successfully breed, train and sell horses.

At age 16 years old, Ryan went on to work for Ron Kennedy’s successful show barn and worked his way from the ground up, riding and grooming horses, and eventually becoming a partner in the business. The joint business flourished for 19 years, and eventually became Kennedy-Pedigo Farms. Ron Kennedy was very influential in Ryan’s development in becoming a top equestrian, and professional horseman. He is very proud of how he came up through the ranks, and his work ethic reflects his many successes he’s earned to this day. Ryan loves to work hard, is constantly learning and is always pushing himself to get better, whether as a breeder, a rider, a trainer, or selecting the perfect next horse for a client. Always striving for excellence in everything he does, is a driving force that makes Ryan the horseman that he is today.

Photo: Kristin Lee Photography

This year, Ryan will be back in the show ring beginning with California’s prestigious H/J Circuit at the Desert International Horse Park in Thermal. After an unfortunate break from showing due to Covid 19 restrictions, Ryan and his clients are excited to be back in the saddle competing and vying for top prizes, with some of his superb stallions, and homebred prospects.

Ryan’s dedication to breeding top quality hunters and jumpers of World Class levels is his utmost goal, but equally as important is that the horses he breeds must be extremely rideable for amateur and junior riders alike. Ryan’s breeding program is continually evolving. He spends hours researching bloodlines and looking for qualities that meet his idea of the perfect horse – one that can reach the top levels of the sport, but can also be ridden by regular riders and not just only the highest skilled show rider. Ryan also believes that the growing Hunter Derby division will soon become an Olympic sport, which combines the best of a beautifully moving hunter with the athleticism of today’s show jumping horse.

A special broodmare to Ryan’s breeding program (PF’s Balina)

Ryan prides himself on his very successful sales business. Over the past 27 years he has bought and sold a lot of horses, as well as being an agent for many horse deals.  Clients seek out Ryan, not only because he is a dedicated horse person, but because he is very much a “People Person.” He cares deeply about every client, whether they have been working together for over 20 years or are a brand new customer. Ryan confidently states, “I want my customers to be happy and satisfied. And, I am always able to accomplish it!”

Wylar PF

Tracy shares: “I have been riding with Ryan Pedigo for over twenty years and can honestly say that Ryan Pedigo Farms is my favorite ‘happy place.’ Ryan has always been an impeccable rider, but to witness his progression into an excellent trainer and horse breeder has been truly amazing.

Ryan’s beautiful training facility is a welcoming home for his clients and their horses. I wouldn’t consider riding anywhere else. Ryan’s patience with both horse and rider is unmatched. He tailors his instruction to compliment each individual rider to match the personality and ability of each horse. He truly loves every horse on his property and is acutely aware of everything going on at the barn, even while he is riding. He has the endurance, strength and commitment to ride more horses in one day, while at the barn or at a major horse show, than anyone I have ever known. His experienced, long term staff works at top speed just to keep up with him!

Ryan helping a newly born Rio Grande filly nurse for the first time

Ryan has been a constant source of encouragement and support for me throughout some of the best and worst times of my life. He has always been available with a hug and an invitation to just come to the barn and relax when he knows that I am in need of time to recharge.

Ryan has also helped make my dream of breeding my own horses a reality. I have spent many exciting seasons during foal watch when Ryan is at the barn around the clock waiting to personally deliver the babies. Ryan’s generosity and willingness to share his elite horses is a rare quality. Each foal is spectacular!

I am so fortunate to be a member of the Ryan Pedigo Farms family!”

Ryan at his grandparents’ Bend Oregon farm on Timmy the pony

Kristen writes: “Ryan has an enthusiasm that is truly contagious, dedicating innumerable hours for the betterment of his clients and on behalf of the horses in his care. Having spent a lifetime honing his craft, Ryan has an innate talent for selecting and breeding phenomenal horses and for bringing out the best in every horse and rider. As a breeder, Ryan has developed a top-notch program through years of dedication. I am so fortunate to benefit by being a part of his program. He cares for each of my horses as if they were his own. He is always respectful of his friends and clients, and strives to understand what they are looking for and how to best support them with his skill and talent. He understands the nuances of personality that vary from horse to horse and tailors his riding to best suit each one. At Ryan Pedigo Farms, he has created an environment that once you find you never want to leave.

Watching Ryan work with horses from a newborn foal learning to nurse, to a young horse experiencing their first ride, to a seasoned champion, has been one my favorite life experiences. I admire the care and thoughtfulness that Ryan brings to everything that he does.

My daughter, Ellie, also rides with Ryan at Ryan Pedigo Farms. He has shown the greatest of care in matching both of us to the most appropriate horse for our different riding styles and abilities. Under Ryan’s patient instruction, she has grown into a much more mature and well-rounded rider. He has instilled in her a strong knowledge and confidence for riding and raising horses of all ages. Ryan always considers Ellie in creating plans for our program and is excited to support her growth as a young equestrian.

I am ever thankful to be fortunate enough to have Ryan in my life. I wholeheartedly believe in Ryan and his vision and gladly entrust him with my riding journey. He is a truly great horseman. Ryan has transformed my riding and instilled in me a confidence in my horses and in myself. He has had endless patience with me as I learn and develop. He is always there to support me with a positive attitude, even in the face of adversity. He has inspired me to be a better person in and out of the saddle. Most importantly, he has shown me that dreams do come true.”

Jan states, “SI have loved and admired horses my entire life. As a little girl I admired them from afar. As an adult, life happened.  I never had the opportunity to own one. That changed on a special day 5 years ago when I first set foot on Ryan Pedigo Farms and met Ryan Pedigo.

PF’s Catch during an award ceremony in the Mits of a victory gallop in Germany.

Fulfilling that childhood dream of owning a horse was only the beginning as, unbeknownst to me, I was embarking on a life changing experience that would take me well beyond my wildest dreams!  I was going to experience the equine world firsthand through the eyes of a dedicated equine industry leader, Ryan Pedigo. Imagine the excitement of my journey: owning one of Ryan’s special horses, to then showing, and eventually breeding and foaling the most amazing and sought after sporthorses one could ever imagine. I have been privileged to see and learn from Ryan’s unwavering focus on the preparation he requires of himself to meticulously develop and train such incredible horses.  He lovingly views each horse as an individual and focuses his professional training techniques on bringing forth and managing their individual abilities.

Ryan is unique in that he has a lifetime of equine experience and business expertise combined with a love and compassion for his horses that drives every decision. He puts first the care and wellbeing of each horse. Ryan successfully developed each horse I have purchased from him into highly trained, successful show horses.  Let me describe but a few:  My first was Wes Street Beauty PF becoming 2019 West Coast Champion Three-Year-Old-Mare/Geldings Under Saddle as well as champion Hanoverian Breed. Then on to Wylar PF 2019 West Coast Champion Four-Year- Old Stallions/Geldings Under Saddle. He also received Champion Hanoverian Breed Award that year. Songbird PF placed third in 2020 West Coast Two-Year-Old Fillies and received the Champion Hanoverian Breed Award.

Ryan has established himself as a leading professional sporthorse breeder by seeking and finding only THE most talented and prestigious blood lines for his breeding program at Ryan Pedigo Farms. Each horse is a key to his overall vision. I have been a grateful recipient of many wonderful opportunities that Ryan has created for me because of that vison. A vision for his horses and breeding program that is guided, not only by his many talents, but as importantly, his integrity and honesty.  These values are at the core of who he is and is embodied in all that he does.

Two years ago, Ryan guided me in the purchase of my first group of Ryan Pedigo Sport Horse’s broodmares. My dream was now expanding beyond what I could have ever envisioned.  I am proud to now own Ryan Pedigo Sport Horse’s broodmares that are producing the most incredible foals steeped in talent and beauty, good minds, and  coming from such prestigious blood lines as PF’s Diamo Blue (Diarado x Chacco Blue), PF’s Rio (Rio Grande x Cabardino), PF’s Magic (Matcho x X Eklatant) PF’s Sam Steele (Shelock Holmes x Eklatant). It continues to be an unimaginable thrill and honor to be part of Ryan’s vision. He willingly gives of his time and expertise in helping to navigate the all-encompassing decisions that surround breeding. Nothing is as exciting as being part of a horse’s life from breeding to foaling, to lovingly caring and training them up and into an extraordinarily successful sporthorse. I believe we all want to be a part of the life of the horses we love.  I have learned so much from these magnificent animals. I look forward to each day that I have the privilege of experiencing life with them.

My dream came true. Thank you to my dearest friend, Ryan Pedigo.”

In 2013, Ryan set out on his own and successfully founded three businesses, each supporting a different aspect of the industry: Ryan Pedigo Farms Inc., Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses Inc., and Ryan Pedigo Farms Riding School. Ryan opened his new businesses on a 10-acre farm in Riverside, where he has successfully expanded all three business endeavors! The world class facility is nestled adjacent to the California Citrus State Historical Park with acres of orange groves, giving the farm a serene and incredibly calm country feel, perfect for training, breeding and raising sport horses.

In 2022, Ryan imported several stunning new stallions and  is very excited to promote and breed his new additions as he continues to fine tune his very impressive breeding program, in his quest to produce World Class horses with exceptional temperaments. At the top of his roster is PF’s Diamo Blue (Diarado x Chacco Blue x Landadel), who Ryan selected for his athleticism, unbelievable scope and his amateur-friendly temperament. He is a 10 year old Elite, Fully-Licensed Oldenburg Stallion that can be seen at DIHP this month. In addition, Ryan is standing PF’s Catch (Colman x Calido x Caletto I), PF’s Christer (Connor x Singulord Joter x Acodetto), PF’s Galant du Mesnil (Cornet Obolensky x Baloubet du Rouet), PF’s Ucalido (Udarco Van Overis x Calido I x Calypso II), PF’s Comme il la Fait (Comme il Faut x Cassini I x Chamonix), PF’s Chardo (Charleston x Nerrado x Contender), and PF’s Rio (Rio Grande x Cabardino x Lavall I) son of the late Olympic Grand Prix Hanoverian Stallion Rio Grande. Ryan’s website provides extensive and detailed information on all of his impressive stallions. Plus check out his Sold and and/or Retired Stallions to see the impact his breeding business has had on the sport horse industry.

Ryan is extremely hands-on in the daily routines of his breeding business. He makes all of the decisions when it comes to foaling, breeding, stallion handling, mare care, weaning, training, vet work and the yearly breed society inspections. In addition, he oversees all aspects of the performance horse sales, training of young horses, training clients and showing the horses himself. Ryan always looks forward to meeting the year’s newest foal crop and selecting the new breeding season’s stallion/mare combinations. Furthermore, he is extremely connected to all of his horses and is on a mission to create a phenomenal legacy in the breeding world as he has now successfully bred eight generations of exceptional sport horses.

Newcomers are always welcome by appointment to tour Ryan’s beautiful private facility.
The Ryan Pedigo Sport Horse facility is located at: 8490 Dufferin Avenue, Riverside, CA 92504. He looks forward to meeting you and showing you his wonderful horses. Visit the website at www.ryanpedigosporthorses.com or call 714-357-2714.

Some of Ryan Pedigo’s numerous accomplishments:

• Circuit Championships
• Division and Show Championships
• Hunter Breeding Championships, Zone Championships
• World Champion Hunter Rider Zone Championships/Qualifiers
• USHJA Championships and Year End Awards
• Breed Society Championships
• Breed Society Year End Performance Awards
• Sallie B Wheeler Championships, and USEF Championships
• High Ranking Rider Awards