The Twofer-One Registry Offers Benefits for Breeders and Riders

If you’re a rider or a breeder of Hanoverian and Rhineland horses—or want to be, join a well-respected organization that provides breeding expertise, horse management education, marketing assistance, networking opportunities, plus rewards excellence in breeding and competition: The American Hanoverian Society.

For 45 years, the Society has managed the Hanoverian studbook in the United States and, since 2016, the Rhineland studbook. As a result, the Society offers all the benefits of two independent and highly respected warmblood breeding registries in the U.S., under the guidance and standards of the Hanoverian Verband in Germany. Both follow typical warmblood breeding protocols including inspection and approval of mares, licensing and approval of stallions, and registration of foals. The two studbooks differ in one key philosophical aspect: the Hanoverian Studbook tends to be more restrictive about acceptance of outside (non-Hanoverian) breeding stock, while the Rhineland Studbook tends to offer more acceptance of outside (non-Rhineland) breeding stock.

Caryn Vesperman and her Hanoverian mare Reserve Champion Adult Amateur division Diamond Dureza (Diamond Hit x Salope/Spitzweg). Photo: John Borys Photography

The diverse philosophies of these two studbooks, under the common management and
administration of the Society, provide significant flexibility to breeders. One membership provides access to two distinct and diverse studbooks with shared inspection tours, customer service, and annual stallion, mare and offspring breeding awards.

Champion Hanoverian colt Maserati SVE (Maracana x Dejon/Domiro) and mare MS Dejon, owned and
bred by Starr Vaughn Equestrian. Photo: Tamara with the Camera.

The Society also recognizes that without riders/competitors and trainers, Hanoverian and Rhineland breeders would not have a market for sales. For this reason, the Society also offers competition awards for Hanoverians and Rhinelanders in dressage, hunter/jumper and eventing.

Other member benefits include marketing resources and on-line and in-person education on topics such as training, horse management (nutrition, conformation, diseases and injuries) genetics, breeding and bloodlines.

Adult Amateur Jumping Champion Escot 6 (Escudo I x Leca/ Le Primeur) owned by Charlotte Powers, bred by Friedhelm Mohlfeld. Photo: Shawn McMillen

For more information about the American Hanoverian Society and its two studbooks, visit or contact the AHS office at or 859-255-4141.