There’s No Better Place For Your Breeding Program to Call Home Than the Westfalen Verband NA

by Ann Daum

Westfalen horses and ponies are well known all over the world, with famous stallions such as Florestan I, Pilot and Cornet Obolensky, and superstars in sport like Damon Hill and Comme il Faut. As the daughter organization of the Westfälische Pferdestammbuch e.V. in Germany, Westfalen Verband NA is proud to carry on the tradition of excellence in breeding, hands-on mentorship through an extensive North American inspection tour, a direct link to German expertise through our US office, and a robust awards program for North American competitors.

Westfalen horses and ponies have been hot in the press in 2022. Recent top results from jumpers Ben (Sylvain x Quincy Jones) ridden by Gerrit Nieberg to the prestigious 2022 Grand Prix of Aachen, as well as 5-star jumper Donatello (Diarado x Lamourex) ridden by Ashlee Bond, and Pepita con Spita (Con Spirit x Come On) ridden by Hunter Holloway. Results in dressage include Vamos Amigos (Vitalis x Hotlie) ridden by Catherine Laudrup-Dufour to runner up in World Cup final and World Championships and Forever Young HRH ( Fürst Fugger – Don Bosco) ridden so successfully in the GP’s by Patrik Kittel. Not to forget the German Riding Ponies that Westfalen is well known for – with Darf ich bitten (Tanja Fischer) successful in the Bundeschampionat for 3 y.o. stallions.

Lasair De HH (Lestat x Indorado) breeder Elizabeth Houtsma

Here in North America breeders are gearing up for the much anticipated annual Stallion Service Auction, February 22nd-March 3rd . 50+ top stallions in sport and breeding are expected in one of the largest, most varied offerings of the year. Visit our website or Facebook page for more information and links to the Auction!

Pepita con Spita and Hunter Holloway. Photo: Cara Grimshaw)

Another very popular event is the annual Breeders Tour to the Westfalen Main Stallion Licensing in Munster/Handorf, Germany, each December. In 2022 twelve breeders attended, and enjoyed a superb educational, and fun trip. Six top young stallions and sport prospects also made their way home with members of the group, making the Christmas Markets not the only shopping excitement on offer this time of year!

Bohemian (Bordeaux x Samarant) rider Catherine Dufour

Our most important time of year is The Westfalen annual inspection tour, taking place July through early November each year. This grand tour is the most extensive in North America – reaching practically every corner of the USA and many parts of Canada, with both open and private on farm inspections offered for mares, foals, youngstock and stallions. Westfalen passports are produced in Germany and are WBFSH sanctioned. All foals and horses receiving passports will also be DNA typed and microchipped, and all foals are issued a complementary USEF lifetime number. The Westfalen Verband NA inspects Warmblood mares/stallions from other accepted WB breeding organizations, as well as TB’s, Arabians, Anglo and Shagya Arabs. Westfalen in North America also has books for German Riding Ponies, Haflingers and Knabstruppers. In Germany, more than 30 different breeds are looked after by the Westfälische Pferdestammbuch. Also important is the endangered breed of draft horses the Rheinisch-Deutsches Kaltblut. In 2022 the very first 3 stallion prospects were sold to the US.

Top Shelf (Totilas x Sandakan) breeder Brenda Belt

Foals registered with the Westfalen NA receive the esteemed W brand of our parent organization, proudly carrying the mark of quality and market-appeal! The Westfalen Verband has been promoting breeding excellence for well over 100 years, developing bloodstock that excels in show jumping, dressage and eventing. What better representative of the breed than 2016 World Cup Champion Corbinian with rider Steve Guerdat, or Legolas under Steffen Peters!

FEH Champion Cape Fear (2021 by Crumble x VPrSt Sweet City Woman xx) breeder: Elizabeth Callahan

Top genetics are at your fingertips, along with access to the expertise and Old-World symbol of excellence in breeding that is the Westfalen trademark. With legendary sport horses serving as cornerstones of the breed, and a thoroughly modern, forward-thinking office, registry and marketing team parading the grand traditions into the future of sport-horse breeding – there‘s no better place for your breeding program to call home than the Westfalen Verband NA! Contact the Westfalen North American office at 1-605-669-2200 or visit Excellent brands need fans worldwide, come join in!