It Was a Blast!

The Santa Barbara County Chapter of the California Dressage Society celebrated chapter members’ 2022 accomplishments with a beautiful luncheon on the outdoor patio at Convivo Restaurant at the Santa Barbara Inn. Lovely flower arrangements were provided by chapter member Lisa White. Thank you to everyone who helped make our 2022 Year-End Awards Banquet a great success. We are off to a great start for 2023. Stay tuned for notices of upcoming shows and events.

The highlight of the event was seeing all our champions with their trophies and ribbons.
L-R: Lynne Sherman, Lindsey Reed, Chloe Adrian Giannetto, Brooklyn Gagne, Hannah Finder, Nicole Walther,
Tory Names, Lisa White, Marianne Kruidenier, Kate Sulzbach, Julie Corlett, Stephanie Gustafson.
The happy crowd at check in. L-R: Marianne Kruidenier, Cindy Young, Susan Akins
The colorful and festive silent auction baskets won the attention of the crowd. The bidding was lively and competitive. L-R: Julie Corlett, Karen Christensen
Everyone enjoyed chatting with old friends and welcoming some of our new chapter members. L-R: Joyce Bogartz, Heidi-Bowers Dutra, Suzanne Galsterer
Poised and accomplished Junior Riders were accompanied by Christi and Kate Sulzbach of In The Irons Farm. L-R: Brooklyn Gagne, Chloe Adrian-Gainnetto
One way our chapter recognizes the importance of volunteers is with the Volunteer of the Year perpetual trophy. Past trophy winners elected Lynne Sherman, this year’s Volunteer of the Year. L-R: Karen Christensen (2019), Lynne Sherman (2022), Kathy O’Connor (2018), Mary Couch (2021). The 2020 winner, Michele Bandinu, is not pictured
The day was sunny and not too cold. The ocean put on its glittering blue best to provide a fitting backdrop for the delicious luncheon and awards ceremony. L-R: Karen Jenkins, Joan Rothberg, Karen Drown
Both showing and non-showing chapter members and volunteers worked hard during 2022 and were ready to pull out the stops for this awards celebration. A crowd of some sixty celebrants created a joyful, high-energy dinner. It was great to get out of our “barn clothes” and dress up for a change. L-R: Lynne Sherman, Susan Akins, Stephanie Gustafson, Tory Names, Karen Christensen, Diane Welcenbach, Gina von der Burg, Chris Crow, Laura Kranzler, Judith Raimondi
L-R: Kathy O’Connor, Kate Sulzbach, Christi Sulzbach, Alexis Weaver, Wendy Brown, Susan Soderman, Sara Cutter
This impressive lineup of sponsored engraved bronze, perpetual trophies and elaborate rosette ribbons awaited the awards announcement of the champions and reserve champions.