Arroyo Del Mar’s Stunning Makeover by American Stalls

by Cheryl Erpelding • photos: Brandon Beechler Photography

Arroyo Del Mar is one of Southern California’s top equestrian facilities and is home to Olympian dressage rider Steffen Peters and his wife Shannon, who also is a top international dressage rider in her own right. Recently the San Diego facility had a stunning make-over which is the base for the Peters’ training business as well as these other dressage trainers: Mette Rosencrantz, Matt Cunningham, Grace Walker, Benny Pfabe, Jesse Collins, and Bonnie Clemons.

Last month I reached out to Shannon to learn more about the recent renovations.

Cheryl: “What year did you move into the facility?”
Shannon: “We moved to Arroyo Del Mar, in 2006, when Lila Kommerstad, owner of many of Steffen’s world-class horses, purchased the property.”

Cheryl: “What was the inspiration to upgrade the Arroyo Del Mar Facility?”
Shannon: “Lila‘s daughter, Carol Kommerstad-Reiche now owns the property. When Carol visited last year, she decided to update and revive many things on the property, starting with the stabling, which was all still the original structure when it was built back in the 90s.”

Cheryl: “What is your favorite thing that American Stalls did for your newly remodeled facility?
Shannon: “The stabling itself, the standard which they set, is second to none. How the stall doors track, and the finish on the metal, are all very incredible.”

Cheryl: “ Tell me about the orchard you added.
Shannon: “Carol Kommerstad-Reche, the owner of Arroyo Del Mar, wanted to make Arroyo extra special. It was her idea to put the Orchard in. She chose all sorts of fruits and avocados that keep us very well-fed! Carol also cleaned out our 2-acre pond and installed beautiful fountains with lights that enhance the property.”

Cheryl: “What was the timeframe of your remodel?
Shannon: “We were finished with the remodel in four months, which was amazingly fast for how much was done. Carol added some additional landscaping after the buildings were finished, which took another month.”

Cheryl: “How was the general contractor and American Stalls to work with?”
Shannon: “ American Stalls had recommended the contractor, Acevedo Construction, and they both were amazing to work with. The whole process was incredibly smooth.”

Cheryl: “Why did you pick American Stalls?”
Shannon: “I went through the process of vetting four different stabling companies, from the timeline and manufacturing process, quality of the product, cost, and contractor availability. American Stalls was the ONLY one to check all of the boxes. No other company could come even close. Their customer service is second to none. Yash Balasaria, the owner of American Stalls, and the sales project manager, Madeleine, made the trip out here to meet with us, show us the materials used, and answer any questions we had. No other company offered that.”

Cheryl: “What are the goals for you and Steffen this year?”
Shannon: “Steffen is going to the World Cup in Omaha, in April. Thankfully he will spend the summer at home after that!! Then we head to the fall CDIs at Thermal. Steffen has also been enjoying competing on his new horse, Be Happy. She is just starting the Small Tour. I am still competing with my gelding Disco Inferno at CDI GP, and I also have an up-and-coming mare, Guiliana, who will be starting the Small Tour soon as well!

Yash Balasaria shared his thoughts on the Arroyo Del Mar makeover, “We are honored to have worked with Shannon and Carol to make this renovation a reality. From start to finish, our team, led by the project manager, Madeleine Friend, thoroughly enjoyed working with the Peters and Carol. We’re so proud of the design choices and the result. Arroyo Del Mar is a world-class equestrian facility that chose the best of the best. That includes everything from safe sliding stall fronts with socializing v-yokes to comfortable stall runs, to organized wash bay systems, to beautiful lighting fixtures.”

“This renovation is a testament to what is truly possible with barn projects. The combination of products, design choices, and the right team (The Peters, Carol, American Stalls, and Acevedo Construction) can make the world of a difference. The barn has new stall systems that are safe, durable, and timeless in aesthetics. The lighting accentuates the environment and provides a warm, cozy ambiance to horses and riders. The stall runs provide horses with ample turnout ability. All in all, we’re so proud of our project with Arroyo Del Mar.”

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Yash Balasaria, the owner of American Stalls, was thrilled to have been chosen to upgrade Arroyo Del Mar and share these beautiful images with us and improve the experience for the horses, the owners, and the riders.

These before and after images show how the American Stalls’ top quality USA-made products made a stark contrast to Arroyo Del Mar with the beautiful new V-shaped yoke stall doors, and the new side and back panels, that provide safety for the horses and quick access in case of any emergency.

Besides the stalls, the grooming and wash racks were completely redone, and the entire barn is safer and more functional for its residents. A new roof was also added during the renovation.
Besides the stalls, the grooming and wash racks were completely redone, and the entire barn is safer and more functional for its residents. A new roof was also added during the renovation.
The in-and-out stalls are a huge plus for the horses, giving them ample opportunity to spend time out of the barn stall.
New fencing was also added. HDPE Fencing is a high-end product that is better than PVC, ecologically friendly, and horse-friendly, that has thick double-walled construction that gives the material extra rigidity. If a horse or a car were to run into it with extreme force, the fence panel will simply pop out.