New Memoir Details the Story of a Lifelong “Horse Girl” Coming of Age in the Late ‘70s

A Nostalgic Look Back and a Celebration of the Soul-saving Power of Horses

Farfetched Farm: Riding, Girlhood and a Lifelong Love Affair with Horses aims to illuminate a past era and explain the power of a lifelong equestrian obsession.

Are some people born with an obsessive love of horses? Can a horse break your heart – or save your life? And does a crazy “horse girl” ever grow out of it, or will riding maintain its addictive power throughout one’s life?

These are just a few of the questions that Farfetched Farm: Riding, Girlhood and a Lifelong Love Affair with Horses, a new memoir from Northern California native and lifelong equestrian Aimee Wells, aims to address.

The coming-of-age tale follows Aimee’s life as a self-professed “forever horse girl” growing up in the late 1970s for whom riding — along with a tribe of fellow horse-crazy kids and a series of beloved equine partners — helped her navigate school bullying, loneliness and the turbulence of her parent’s divorce. Farfetched Farm is both a look back in time to a golden era of horse shows and equestrian life, and a celebration of the magical, enduring love for horses that can transform one’s life.

The book is available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon at For more information about the author, or to receive a copy for review or excerpt, contact or 415-706-1906.