K/A Productions – Bringing Local Shows Back for Everyone

by Pam Stein Moeck

In 2021, Karen Perlow and Alison Gerami, created K/A productions to bring one-day, grass root horse shows back to Los Angeles. They were on a mission to provide a place where local trainers and riders could come and learn how to show while fostering an atmosphere for fun and inclusivity. These shows would take place at the Paddock Riding Club in Atwater Village where they can still be found today.

It all started for this duo when Raizy Goffman, a well-known horse show manager and local show promoter, decided to retire. Knowing Karen’s aspirations of stepping into the role of horse show managing Raizy approached her to take over the reins. Karen Perlow has horse show management in her blood. Karen’s father, Sam Perlow, successfully ran horse shows throughout Southern California for decades, so it’s no surprise that his daughter would follow in his footsteps. Alison had been Raizy’s show secretary for years and effortlessly stepped up to join forces with Karen. Together, Karen and Alison took over the Camelot show series. Shortly after, Regina Antonoli, the show manager, also retired, leading to the duo acquiring the management of the Paddock Riding Club show dates.

This new partnership was truly a match made in heaven. Karen, a trainer at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and Alison, a horse show mom turned show secretary, both saw the immense need for local shows where trainers and riders could come and learn from the experience. They wanted to bring the heart back to local horse showing. The result was K/A Productions, where classes were appropriate for green horses, beginner riders, and adults entering or re-entering the horse world for the first time. In essence, K/A Productions offers an affordable way for everyone to get those much-needed miles before jumping into the crazy A circuit world. This idea and their local horse shows have been very successful thus far offering huge divisions and providing learning experiences for riders and trainers alike. As this duo continues to grow, you can plan on multiple days and the probability of expansion through California all the while never losing focus on bringing the heart back into horse showing.

Visit www.KA-productions.com for more information.

2024 K/A Productions Horse Show Series, located at the Paddock Riding Club

January 28
February 11
April 6
May 5
June 2
July 28
September 15
November 3