Twin Oaks Manufacturing: Securing Horses, Livestock, Dogs and More!

by Cheryl Erpelding

Keeping our horses, dogs, and farm animals safe and secure is every animal lover’s priority. Twin Oaks Manufacturing, based in San Jose, CA, has been serving northern California animal owners for over 37 years and is currently expanding to serve the entire state. Ed Meyer started the company in 1987 and in 2018, Lucy’s Dad, Leon, purchased the company from Ed, after showing Greg and Lucy the opportunity to manage and operate the retiring owner’s business.

At the time, Lucy was a project manager in the metal manufacturing industry and Greg was working in the fencing and welding industries. Leon and Ed convinced them that they’d be the perfect fit for Twin Oaks Manufacturing! Having built upon Ed’s goodwill, they are currently expanding to reach customers throughout California.

Twin Oaks Manufacturing custom-built this perfectly sized mare motel for Kiki Brovitz’s miniature horses. She shares, “Sonnet, is in the foreground and is my 38-year-old who shares life with Samson, 36, in the background. Together they are my ‘little darlings.’ I am grateful to Twin Oaks for their expertise in creating an open mesh mare motel where I can not only enjoy the scenery but also enjoy seeing my ‘little darlings.’”

Dog kennels and horse enclosures are the bulk of Twin Oaks Manufacturing’s fabrication work. Twenty-five Northern California Police Departments have purchased their K-9 kennels from T.O.M., which tells you the quality of the kennels is top-notch to house these departments’ prized police dogs.

This unique mare motel was built to the customer’s specifications to house their two horses.
Twin Oaks Manufacturing is a family affair for Greg, Lucy, and their kids. Their eldest son spent last summer working with his dad as he learned the family business and earned money for his first car.

Twin Oaks Manufacturing horse, livestock, and various other farm animal owners can find ALL of their stabling and pen needs “under one roof”! Mare motels, pipe corrals, box stalls, shelters, round pens, travel pens, portable livestock panels, saddle racks, and trailer hay racks, are just some of the quality products available to customers throughout California.

25 Northern California Police Departments have entrusted Twin Oaks Manufacturing for their police dog housing and have purchased their K-9 kennels from them because of their excellent quality and great pricing
Twin Oaks Manufacturing can build custom saddle racks for your tack room and horse trailers.

Customization of all of their quality products makes Twin Oaks Manufacturing the BEST choice for any serious horse/livestock enthusiast! Whether you are setting up a new facility or improving on an existing location, Twin Oaks Manufacturing DOES IT ALL! They recently for example, installed a custom shelter with a wash rack and cross ties for a new client. Satisfied customers share their thoughts about their experiences with the team of professionals at Twin Oaks Manufacturing:

“I Love Twin Oaks Manufacturing! I’ve bought 3-sided shelters, hitching posts, and pipe panels Their designs are always beautiful and well-made. They deliver and get the job done on time. I so appreciate what Lucy and Greg have done for me.” ~Susan Carlino – Carlino Family Farm

“I have bought several products from Twin Oaks including a Custom Mare Motel for my horses. I like their designs, they are very helpful and responsive, Greg does an outstanding job!” ~Kiki Brovits

“Greg is awesome! I’ve purchased 4 Horse Stalls, Panels, and Custom Designed Gates and they are just the way they are supposed to be. I’m a welder and his welding along with his designs are outstanding.” ~Jeff Whitehorse

Round Pens come in 40’, 50’, and 60’ diameter. They are 5’ high 4 rail and they are 8’ long sections. The pens come with 8’ wide gates. Twin Oaks Manufacturing also offers 12’ sections and 5 rail.
Twin Oaks Manufacturing can customize any order like this 16×16 2-sided shelter to block the wind and provide shade from the sun or shelter from any storms. These are made with 1 5/8” steel tubing and 20-gauge Galvalume decking for the roof. The plywood is 3/4”
These custom horseshoe latches make for a nice touch on the pens, stalls, and equipment from Twin Oaks Manufacturing.

Twin Oaks Manufacturing is proud to be a family-owned and operated company that manufactures all of its products in San Jose, CA. They are expanding their reach throughout California as Ric Hines, Director of Business Development, is traveling the state talking to tack, feed, and farm supply store owners to set them up as distributors of their livestock, farm, and pet products for stabling, housing, sheltering, and more. Their top priority is to provide the BEST quality products and customer service to our customers throughout the ENTIRE state of California!

Pipe Corrals are made with 1 5/8 steel tubing and built to the customer’s specifications.
From pigs to Palominos, Twin Oaks Manufacturing has your critters corralled.

Twin Oaks Manufacturing is a proud supporter and sponsor of their local Rodeos and supporters of their local 4-H Club.

Twin Oaks Manufacturing corporate office: 1177 North 15th Street, San Jose, CA 95112. Website: To reach Greg Lewis, Superintendent: 408-607-5068, To reach Ric Hines, Director of Business Development: 408-569-1440,

Lightweight travel panels are a must for anyone who camps with their horse. These 14 lb. panels make transportation easy and are tough enough to keep your horse safe.
Twin Oaks Manufacturing makes 16×16 box stalls with rolling doors. These are ready to be painted to match your farm’s colors.