Hyperion Stud Global Equine Experience

by Vicky Castegren

When we began, our mission was to bridge the gap between the European and the American equestrian market through breeding and sport horse development. In particular, to produce and acquire stallions and mares who could improve the breeding industry here in the US, and also be successful in sport. Since our inception we have successfully produced a plethora of horses in sport and breeding which include approved stallions, States Premium and Elite mares, and championship foals. We own several horses who have represented different nations in the Olympic Games, World Championships, Nations Cups, and World Cup Qualifiers.

Throughout the last decade we expanded our program into Europe and built a top team to produce and develop our horses. We are proud supporters of several top U.S., Scandinavian and European riders who equally share our passion for the sport and support the future generations of horses we create. The Hyperion Stud Team consists of team members with exceptional horsemanship and knowledge, coupled with a vision of combining breeding and top sport for the growing global equestrian market.

A main focus in our operation is the availability of stallions for breeding. After our initial group of stallions (Imothep, Chin Quidam VDL and Dakota VDL) we were determined to breed our own. These successes have come with Carrasca Z (v. Asca Z), Lucien (v. Limbus), Carry the Cash HS (v. Cash and Carry), Cash Money HS (v. Cash and Carry), Urthago (v. Uriko), Leviathan HS (v. Livello), and many more prospects in line over the next several years. Currently we have a strong selection of stallions for North American breeders including Can’t Touch This HS (v. Casall) and Urthago. While people can search through our roster, we offer consultation services at no cost to the breeder as everyone at Hyperion Stud is committed to their breeding success.

When making breeding choices we tend to use more stallions who are proven in sport and in breeding while being recognized by many. Yet, there is also an opportunity to use younger stallions who are just starting out and have exceptional remarks. It’s thoughtful choices and thinking ahead that brings us success. We must always look ahead when choosing our mares and stallions as it takes years before they ever make any impact on our industry. So one must breed for tomorrow, not for today.

Our philosophy is simple; start with the best in order to produce the best. The quality of our broodmares is first, stallion choice is second and market is third. If we can produce offspring from quality mares and choose a stallion to compliment her genetic power, we will produce exceptional horses for ourselves and the market.

As our mission has evolved over the last twenty years we have remained consistent in providing the equestrian industry with top quality breeding and sport horses. We are laser focused in our intent and purpose while exemplifying “Global Equine Excellence”.