Introducing What About Jack

With one set of foals on the ground and limited showing, this is the stallion to watch! Introducing What About Jack, a stunning well-bred athletic young stallion. With his impressive lineage, a lovely and successful foal-crop and exceptional athleticism, Jack is sure to pass on his winning traits to his offspring. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to breed to this young up-and-coming stallion!

Jack’s linage in unique in that he is the sole standing son of the renowned Hunter stallion Westporte. Jack’s Dam bestowed on him the lovely gold color, compliments of the famous Thoroughbred stallion Gold Apollo! Jack’s Dams Sire, Torrero, sired multiple upper level horses including, Our Busby who was a 1992 Olympics 3-day listed horse and Aerial, who qualified for the 1996 Olympics for Canada and went on to be a Grand Prix horse and a Dressage horse into her 20’s. Torrero excelled in both Dressage and Jumping, as did his offspring. Jack has 6 full siblings and I am able to see strong traits that have come through with this breeding consistently: great feet (Jack has never needed or worn shoes!), fantastic trainability, winning movement and lovely temperament. The siblings range is sizes from 16H to 17H, and they show a talent for both Dressage and Jumping.

What About Jack

Jack’s inaugural crop of foals consists of 3 fillies and 1 colt, which includes 2 palominos, 1 buckskin, and a striking deep red filly with a flaxen mane and tail. Two of the fillies were presented at the ISR/Oldenburg inspection tour in 2023. Both Hannah and Goldie scored an impressive 8.2, and both were high score champions at their respective sites in Virginia and Florida. They are both in the top 10 of all the foals inspection in North America. Jack is the only stallion with 2 foals in the top 10. Both of the fillies dams were also inspected and both scored a 7.0, therefore Jack is showing us he may be an improvement stallion.

WMF Golden Star

Jack’s athleticism is recognized with local and regional shows. In his debut appearance at the 2022 Sallie B Wheeler East Coast finals, Jack claimed the title of Reserve Champion in the 4-year old division. In 2023, after being off from training for the breeding season, Jack participated in the NA Sport Stallion test. With only 7 weeks of training, he jumped a 3’6” course with determination and ability. Jack’s athleticism, willingness to please and great attitude make him an ideal choice for breeders looking to produce top-quality sport horses for anyone.

What About Hannah

We are eagerly awaiting his second crop of foals this spring. If you are looking for a stallion with a solid linage, proven quality offspring, and up and coming show record, then we are looking for you to be part of What About Jack’s family. For more information on Jack and his farm visit,, Katy Browne, his breeding manager, and Torrero,, and Jack’s primary trainer, Michelle Motyl, Jack’s amazing photographer