The North American Studbook

The North American Studbook (NAS) was established in 2009 to support North American sport horse breeders in the domestic and international marketplace. It is a full member of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses (WBFSH). The studbook’s goal is to become one of the elite sport horse registries, while remaining breeder-friendly and cost effective. The NAS was born of a desire to collaborate, educate and aid the North American sport horse breeder.

Pillars of the Studbook

The studbook emphasizes performance and is inclusive to bloodlines across the all WBFSH-member studbooks. NAS imposes only those regulations that make sense for the US breeding market. The NAS has three “books,” The Main Book, which requires EU standards: sire must be a WBFSH approved stallion, dam must have papers from WBFSH recognized registry, certified 4-generation pedigree (absence of non-recognized breeds from the pedigree), and DNA-verified parentage. The “Auxiliary” registration book offers a path to registration for horses who may not meet all of the requirements for the Main Book, but with simple issues and the “Certificate of Pedigree Book” was created because the NAS also believes it is important for horses to be registered for age verification and identification purposes, which enables tracking a horse’s ownership history, medical records, animal welfare, and competition records.

Rozsa. Photo: Andrew Ryback Photography

Scope of the Studbook

In addition to foal and adult horse registration, the NAS offers mare approvals, stallion licensing, Bio-Thermal microchips, and partners with the Young Horse Show Series to help promote North American-based youngstock with a focus on thoughtful, individualized development and commercialization. We recognize that the road for stallions in North America to perform at the upper levels and therefore to obtain stallion approval can be difficult. Therefore, we designed the NAS stallion inspection and lifetime licensing to allow stallions time to be developed at their pace to insure their physical and mental development rather than a ridged, artificially set timeline that may result in quality stallions being overlooked due to their relative immaturity at three and four years old, for example. Our mare approval process is designed to reflect the value of the mare in the breeding equation.

As part of the NAS’s aim to represent the modern sport, we have partnered with Merck Animal Health to offer Bio-Thermo Microchips. The Microchips use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) systems to offer distinctive and unalterable identification for horses. Additionally, Bio-Thermo microchips contain a patented built-in biosensor (for patent information: that can monitor your horse’s temperature within one-tenth of a degree, helping you more easily monitor your horse’s health. These microchips can be ordered when registering a horse with the NAS or can be purchased separately through our website.

Haribo SCF. Photo: Bethany P Photography

2023 Performances

2023 was a year of growth and brilliant performances from NAS-registered horses. Some highlights of the year included:
• Cool Ray NA (Quincy Car x Kannan), bred and ridden by Fernando Cardenas, competing at the 1.55m level
• Daisycutter NA (Diktator v/d Boselandhoeve x Quidam de Revel) bred by Equinimity LLC, competing with Richie Malony (IRE) at 1.45m
• Crusade (Cisco x Corando) bred by Derek Peterson competing at 1.40m with Brianna Leone
• Li’Czabeth SCF (Balta’Czar x Elmshorn) bred by Spy Coast Farm competing PSG/ Inter I dressage with Bettina Wagner
• Rozsa (Indoctro – out of Rebecca) bred by Valerie and Heidi Washington, competing at 1.50m with Anthony Sauriol (CAN)
• Sun Warrior NA (Flexible x Starman), bred by Linda Starkman, competing at 1.50m with Kaitlin Campbell.
• Eloise K NA (Emerald x For Pleasure), has been exported to Belgium and is competing there.

Young Horses

Valcor ODF (Dulf v/d Bisschop x Klotaire du Moulin), bred and owned by Alex Jayne, finished 4th in the country in the USEF 5-Year-Old-Young Jumpers standings.

At the Young Horse Show Finals, Hyacinth SCF (Chaqui Z x Cardento) bred and owned by Spy Coast Farm won the In-Hand 3-Year-Old Final.

Three of the top five in the Tequestrian Farms Jump Chute 3-Year-Old Final were NAS registered horses, with Haribo SCF (Royce x Cardento) winning and stablemates Hyacinth SCF (2nd) and Hydrangea SCF (4th) close behind – all bred and owned by Spy Coast Farm. Boozeman NA (Dulf v/d Bisschop x Thunder v/d Zuuthoeve), bred by Marion Martin and owned by Andrew Welles, was second in the Warmblood Stallions of NA Jump Chute 4-Year-Old Final.

Raquel. Photo: Cinelle Classens

In the Flat Under Saddle classes, Coach CSR NA (Carry On MF x Weltmeyer), bred by Cold Spring Run and owned by Jim Welsh, was second in the Brooks Consulting Services 3-Year-Old Flat Under Saddle. Garcia SCF (Diktator v/d Bisschop x Cassini I), bred and owned by Spy Coast Farm, and Prime Time NA (Welt Hit II x Rubinstein I) (a clone), bred and owned by Stephanie Harris, finished first and second in the 4-Year-Old Flat Under Saddle Final and Chinook SCF (Cyklon 1083 x Rolette), bred and owned by Spy Coast Farm, won the 5-Year-Old Flat Under Saddle Final.

In the jumping classes, Grace SCF (Dulf v/d Bisschop x Diktator v/d Boslandhoeve), bred and owned by Spy Coast Farm, was second in the Wendy S. Janesky Foundation 4-Year-Old Jumping, stablemate Guinevere SCF (Tangelo v/d Zuuthoeve x Vechta) was third, and Boozeman NA was fourth. Chinook SCF took the win in the Tequestrian Farms 5-Year-Old.

Czensation (Balta’Czar x Coriano), bred and owned by Abby Jeter, was the 2023 Sallie B. Wheeler Overall Grand Champion Best Young Horse.

The NAS would like to congratulate all the breeders, owners, and riders of NAS horses on their many achievements in 2023.

Newly Approved Stallions

The NAS approved several exciting new stallions in 2023, including three premium stallions. The Pizza Man BC and Uranium BC are both descendants of the great Sapphire. The Pizza Man’s sire, Petrossian, is a son of Sapphire and Uranium BC is out of a daughter of Sapphire.
• Delano NA (Diktator v/d Boslandhoeve x Saccor)
• Garcia SCF (Diktator v/d Boslandhoeve x Cassini I) (Premium)
• Valentino KF (Erco van’t Roosakker x Limbus)
• The Pizza Man BC (Petrossian BC x Cumano) (Premium)
• Uranium BC (Chacco-Blue x Heartbreaker) (Premium)

More information on all of the NAS-approved stallions is available on our website.

2024 and Beyond

We are extremely excited for the year to come and look forward to seeing new foals, new faces, and continued success. We’d like to wish everyone the best of luck for the 2024 season and if you are interested in getting involved with the NAS or would like more details on the requirements for the different books, the registration process, or any other questions, please visit our website at or feel free to reach out to the office with any questions. We would be happy to guide you through the process.