Finish Line® Horse Products: Bringing Horsemen Exceptional Equine Supplements and Healthcare Products since 1975

by Cheryl Erpelding

Heading towards their 50th anniversary of serving horsemen from all disciplines, Finish Line® Horse Products, Inc. is not slowing down their passion, their company growth, and their commitment to providing the best equine supplements and healthcare products for their customers.

Finish Line® Horse Products has set the standard and is well known as a clear leader in the horse supplement and healthcare industry. They were using botanicals, herbs, and natural remedies long before other companies recognized just how important and necessary these amazing ingredients are to the overall wellness of our beloved horses.

Anthony Howe, CEO of Finish Line® Horse Products, grew up in his family business serving horses and horsemen since his great-great-grandfather John Edward Howe, who rode with and cared for Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Rider horses in the late 1800s. Anthony grew up in the family business and as a young child working side-by-side with his dad helping to manufacture the 44 supplements and healthcare products the company makes.

President Steve Blanchard said, “The same thing is true today as when the company was founded, we manufacture all of our products in-house and we put the highest quality into the product at a fair price. The quality of our products and the company’s integrity have always been the strongest part of why people keep coming back.”

Margie Engle is known as one of the most successful show jumping riders of all time. She has over 210 Grand Prix Wins and also has been on more than 20 winning Nations Cup teams. Engle has been named AGA Rider of the Year 10 times! Photo: Andrew Ryback Photography

As an enduring family business, Anthony says their sincere and unmatched dedication shows as he and Steve are hands-on every day making sure that the quality is always excellent and that consistency is present in every product they ship to their customers. The rave reviews Finish Line® Horse Products continually receive and the endorsements given by many leading equestrians, tell the story of their dedication to creating superior products that will work for your horse.

Featured on this month’s cover is Five-time Olympian, two-time Olympic Silver Medalist, author, clinician, and international competitor, Anne Kursinski. She is one of the United States’ most accomplished and respected show-jumping athletes. Anne has used Finish Line® Horse Products for over 17 years and shares her thoughts about Total Control®: “It is great because it combines so many of Finish Line®’s Products into one. Any of my staff can be feeding it, and I do not have to worry because I know my horses are getting the best product.”

“Why do I use Finish Line®? Simple…because it’s the very best for my horses. Finish Line® Horse Products offers us easy to use, quality products. We love Air-Power™ cough remedy since it is all natural and won’t test. Kool-Out™
clay is the most creamy poultice we have ever used and Iron Power® liquid blood builder is unbeatable.”

As stated on the company website, “Total Control® is a complete, multi-purpose daily supplement that targets six different systems in the horse. Just two scoops a day will help promote healthy hydration, joints, blood counts, digestive system, hooves, and coat. Total Control® combines a full dose of the active ingredients from Finish Line®’s 5 best products: Apple-A-Day™, Iron Power®, Fluid Action® HA, U-7 Gastric Aid™, and Feet First® Coat 2nd.”

“The performance horse is a complex animal requiring just the right amount of nutrients to reach its maximum potential. Few horses do their best on feed alone, and many find their horse performs better with the right blend of equine supplements. Choosing the right combination of supplements, providing adequate dosing, and ensuring your horse consumes all of the products during feeding are common challenges for owners and caretakers. Finish Line®’s Total Control® was specifically designed for complete wellness in the performance horse. Made of our best products, Total Control® offers a tasty and palatable solution that saves you time, money, and space in your feed room.”

Total Control® benefits your horse by promoting healthy hydration with balanced levels of electrolytes and trace minerals. It lends gastric support by aiding in maintaining a healthy digestive system including the foregut and hindgut with clinically studied gastric support. Joint health is supported with glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, MSM, chondroitin, yucca, turmeric, and other beneficial ingredients. Healthy red blood cell counts are helped with balanced levels of iron and B-complex vitamins. The hooves’ health and coat condition is improved by essential fatty acids, biotin, methionine, and vitamins A, E, C, and more.

Top California-based dressage rider David Blake of Rigdon and Blake Stables in Del Mar shared:

“We have found JC’s X Tie-up™ very helpful in quickly reducing lactic acid build up in the muscle after a strenuous workout. It helps support horses with muscle soreness, therefore, making our horses much more willing to perform during competition. We highly recommend it! Easywillow™ is our favorite all-natural daily supplement to help with muscle soreness and swelling due to the daily training and development of our equine athletes. Our horses are much happier and willing to work because of it!”

Finish Line® Horse Products has an excellent website with thorough product information. Their family and company’s interesting history along with an extensive blog help to educate horsemen looking for the best ways to help give them that winning edge we all want for our horses.

They also stand proudly behind their products and state, “Finish Line® is unapologetically committed to the quality of every product that leaves our facility. That’s why we guarantee they work or your money back!”

Finish Line® Horse Products will be at the Western States Horse Expo at Murieta Equestrian Center, Sacramento, June 7-9, at the Murieta Equestrian Center – booth #4019 in the Premium Pavillion.

You can follow Finish Line® Horse Products on their social media accounts (@finishlinehorse), visit their website:, or call 800-762-4242. You can also read our previous article from 2019 here.

One of their leading products is Immunex™, which is a daily supplement formulated to balance immune cellular function and support a healthy response to allergens. Immunex™ contains a balanced blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and adaptogenic herbs to support healthy immune function in your horse.

A horse’s immune system is vital to its overall health and well-being. As most know, the immune system’s main responsibility is to defend the body from infection. When the immune system is compromised, the horse is at an increased risk of getting sick. Immunex™ was developed to support a horse’s immune system with a balanced blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and adaptogenic herbs.
Immunex™ has the following benefits:

  • Contains a Teecell blend which is a proprietary blend of goldenseal, echinacea, schizandra berry, yellow dock, and ashwagandha
  • Clinically studied and shown to moderate the immune system
  • Supports a healthy immune response to allergens or stressful conditions
  • Can be started 7 days before shipping
Total Control® is a complete, multi-purpose daily supplement that targets 6 different systems in the horse. Just 2 scoops a day will help promote healthy hydration, joints, blood counts, digestive system, hooves, and coat.
Anne Kurskinski, five-time Olympian, two-time silver medalist, author, clinician and International competitor, proudly endorses Finish Line Horse Products. Photo: Andrew Ryback 2019