North Coast Barns: “Service First” Is Our Guarantee!

North Coast Barns is family-owned and operated since 1992! Always the same name, always the same people. Consistency is the key to our success! From simple beginnings, our company has produced modular agricultural buildings and associated products for literally thousands of satisfied customers! We attribute our ongoing success on our “Service First” attitude and continue to strive to make every customer a satisfied customer.

In our dynamic and ever-changing world, North Coast Barns continues to modify our impressive product line and are always looking for better ways to build the utmost quality into our products. Quality that holds up under the rigorous use that our customers demand out of their horse housing needs. Sometimes the change is simple, creating a product that is simpler, safer or stronger. And sometimes, as with our Millennium Barn, we incorporate new and innovative products utilizing materials not available before. Evolving with the needs of our valued customers is a priority at North Coast Barns!

The production facility at North Coast Barns utilizes state-of-the-art welding, cutting and assembly techniques while offering user friendly products, a competent staff for assistance and environmentally friendly products that are backed by our sound business operation and tremendous warranty.

Let North Coast Barns become your complete source for barns, corrals, arenas and a variety of equestrian products and accessories, such as hot walkers, pipe corral systems and open air barns, just to name a few! Our regional shipping and installation staff are able to ship and install our products throughout the West Coast. Beyond the West Coast, our products are readily shipped to any destination. Our new product line is easily assembled by you or your contractor without special tools beyond normal construction needs.

North Coast Barns’ owner, Kevin Tighe, invites you to contact him for a project quote today! Phone: 800-525-BARN (2276) or Email: