February 2017 - Taking Flight

Veteran equine ground transport company, Brook Ledge, expands into air travel.

Brook Ledge Horse Transportation, a longtime leader in equine ground transport, has taken their services to the skies offering domestic flights as well as international flights through its wholly-owned subsidiary Horse America.

To meet the needs of clients in a continuously evolving equestrian industry, Brook Ledge has expanded its equine transportation services to include scheduled service flights and private charters to all points in the U.S., as well as across the globe.

Many clients Brook Ledge transports via ground also need to fly their horses for breeding, sales and competition reasons. With the idea of convenience in having to make only one call for door-to-door transportation, “wings” were added to the menu of services offered after providing ground transportation across the country for over 60 years.

Well known as a family business, Brook Ledge tapped Scarlette Gotwals, DVM, wife of owner & President, Bradley Gotwals to spearhead the initiative. Much like that of a First Lady, Scarlette has played a role in Brook Ledge as a trusted advisor to Brad and the company for over 25 years. She now steps into the forefront in a hands-on role to bring Brook Ledge to the next level in offering flight services. Dr. Scarlette Gotwals is a lifelong equestrian and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. “Our expertise in ground transport translates well into going to a full service, comprehensive equine transportation solution.”

Additions to the flight team include Kat Zweisler, daughter of late Thoroughbred horse trainer Mike Zweisler. She had been an assistant trainer to Arnaud Delacour prior to joining the team. Along with assisting clients with flights, Kat is also credentialed to be a flight groom if an owner so desires. “These horses are people’s partners and friends,” explains Kat. “We are going to take the best care possible of their horses and if that means I fly with the horse myself, then I will do so.  That kind of customer service is hard to find and, thankfully, it’s where we excel.” 

Concierge Service

Horse America, the international branch, includes Nicole Normington, who brings extensive insight and over nine years of international flight experience to the buffet of services. When the acquisition of Horse America took place, Nicole stayed on, along with its former owner, as a consultant for a five-year period to ensure a smooth transition. “We have worked with Brook Ledge for a number of years prior to the acquisition of Horse America and I couldn’t have asked for a more inclusive and dedicated team. We are all extremely excited about the potential for providing one-stop shopping for clients.”

The experience of choosing a flight is made as simple as possible for the client. A concierge will facilitate each horse’s flight, including transport to and from the airport, paperwork, booking flight grooms and all details involved in the complete transit of the horse.

“It’s a natural fit and progression for us to have taken this step to add the additional services,” he continued. “Our staff is dedicated to making the experience for the client and their horses the most elite experience offered in the equine air transport industry,” said Bradley Gotwals, president of Brook Ledge.

Press release provided by Brook Ledge. For more information, visit www.BrookLedge.com.