March 2017 - Helping Horses In Need

TheraPony joins other equine assistance efforts in upcoming events.

On a sunny Sunday morning in February, the TheraPony crew was busy bathing Daisy the pony and Stormy the Mini. The two horses were getting ready for a big day. They were heading over to Tractor Supply in Ramona to set up a Kissing Booth ahead of Valentine’s Day.

This was also the first event held to promote the 30 Geldings in 30 Days Campaign. During the month of April, TheraPony will partner up with Tearsong Equine Rescue and Sanctuary (TEARS), Unwanted Horse Coalition, and National Equine Resource Network (NERN) to provide 30 free castration surgeries in San Diego County.

According to the ASPCA, geldings are typically easier to manage than stallions, often thriving in a variety of situations, which helps to keep horses in their homes.  Another obvious benefit to gelding a horse is fewer stallions, which translates into fewer chances of accidental breeding.

“TEARS has been holding semi-annual gelding clinics since 2010,” says Karina Benish, Founder and Executive Director of TEARS. “We partner with other rescues whenever possible and have always partnered with NERN, which started this endeavor back in 2009. By working together, we support the common cause of reducing the number of unwanted horses, thereby reducing the possible number of horses eventually needing rescue.”

The ASPCA estimates that over 100,000 American horses are slaughtered each year for human consumption. Until this practice is banned and Congress passes a law against slaughter, no horse is safe from this cruel industry. “Less breeding means less horses in danger of heading to slaughter and in need of rescue,” says Anika Russell, TheraPony’s Founder and President.

While Daisy and Stormy gave out kisses in their Kissing Booth and collected donations, TheraPony volunteers were busy passing out flyers and talking to the passersby about the rescue and the upcoming gelding campaign. TheraPony hopes to lessen the number of local unwanted horses through the month-long program.

Two local vets are up for the challenge of creating 30 new geldings. Dr. Maureen Kelleher will do castrations April 1 at a trailer-in clinic held in Ramona and Dr. Jessica Stokes will do in-home castrations in the Ramona/Lakeside area throughout the month.

During the month of April, equine rescues all across America strive to improve the lives of equines in their communities and raise awareness through celebration of ASPCA’s Help A Horse Day.

This year, TheraPony will hold an open house at their ranch in Ramona on April 22. This family friendly event will feature live music, vendors, door prizes, a raffle, an auction, adooptable horses and demonstrations by local equine professionals.

“We love sharing the horses and their stories with the public,” says Anika. “Each horse has taught me something new. The learning process never ends.”


  • April 1-30: 30 Geldings In 30 Days Campaign
  • April 1: Trailer-In Gelding Clinic in Ramona
  • April 9: Get The Ball Rolling - Bowling and Billiards Fundraiser in Escondido
  • April 22: ASPCA’s Help A Horse Day Celebration in Ramona


For more information about the upcoming events visit TheraPony website or call 714-658-5333.