July 2018 - Triple Crown Arenas

Thirty years of experience combines with cutting edge expertise on riding surfaces.

For over 30 years Triple Crown Arenas has been providing Southern California with equine construction services that have ranged from a simple hot walker and barn pad to full turnkey commercial properties.

In this time, the owner of Triple Crown Arenas, Ron Johnson, has learned quite a few lessons about what makes a horse property successful and has been able to take that knowledge and improve on the services that he offers the Southern California horse world.

Here is a job showing the process of Ron's company spreading footing additives in Rancho Santa Fe. We offer different blends/quality of sand depending on the arena and what additive we think would work best for the horse and rider. This happens to be the premier sand we use called silica that we mix within the footing additive.

One example of this knowledge occurred in the mid-90s when arena footing additives started to become very popular with the dressage and hunter/jumper community. Back then, ground up athletic shoes was, in Ron’s, opinion, the hot commodity in arena footings and he was on the leading edge of installing this new type of footing when it was first introduced. From that time, the Triple Crown team has seen a wide array of other materials introduced into the marketplace that claim to provide different features and benefits depending on the style of riding. These days, the choices are vast and products made from foam, rubber, fiber, cloth and felt have all became household names.

Seeing that footing additives were changing over the years, Ron decided to embrace the ever-evolving landscape. He began to research what it took to create a riding surface that would provide horse and rider a safe and comfortable ride, and stand the test of time so property owners could get the most return on their investment as the years progressed.

Ron's final footing additive mixed in the sand to ensure a quality ride for the horse and rider. Jamul, CA

Fast-forward to the present, and Ron has become one of Southern California’s resident experts on footing additives and how to create an arena and riding surface tailor made to suit what riders, trainers and facility owners desire most.  This is achieved through a combination of a thorough consultation with all of those involved as well as an examination of the current footing and sand composition to come up with a solution that will fit riding style and budget.

Triple Crown Arenas is now engaging a campaign to bring footings to the masses, as Ron believes that most ranches can benefit from using footings additives. “Whether your goal is dust control, water retention, a softer ride, or to eliminate sand from sheering and cupping, Triple Crown Arenas has a solution that can meet those needs,” says Ron. “Most people think that footing additives are only for the high end ranches and Olympic training facilities, but in reality, all levels of riding can benefit from footings. With so many different products on the market, there is going to be one that will suit most budgets.”

Ron's final footing additive mixed in the sand to ensure a quality ride for the horse and rider. Jamul, CA

When asked how he plans on bringing footing additives to the masses he responded, “Over the past year we have scaled our operations, acquired additional footing products and installation equipment, and have begun a community outreach program to educate trainers, owners, and riders on how footings additives can help them improve their facilities.  Triple Crown Arenas prides itself on building long lasting relationships with our customers and after an installation we check in to make sure that they are satisfied with our work and the product they have chosen.  We have been around for 30 years and we plan on serving Southern California and beyond for another 30 years.”

Press release provided by Triple Crown Arenas. If you would like any information regarding the construction services or footing additives products that Triple Crown Arenas offers feel free to visit their site at www.triplecrownarenas.com or call Renee at 619-309-6262 as they would be more than happy to answer any questions.