October 2018 - Back on Track


Carefully vetted new products expand the company’s comfort & health-oriented crusade.

The average pharmacy offers an overwhelming array of over-the-counter support devices for knees, ankles and other problematic joints. Some are called “sleeves” and some are called “braces.”

Though many consumers don’t know it, there’s a big difference. The “brace” designation denotes Federal Drug Administration approval, Back on Track’s extensive line of FDA approved braces is a distinction that means the world to the company’s U.S. leader Bo Lofvander. That level of dedication to proven product quality means a lot to the company’s consumers, too, because that is what helps them feel better, whether they are high performance athletes recovering from an injury, or a non-athlete anxious to ease everyday joint and muscle tension.


Welltex® is the foundation for all of Back on Track’s products and to its success. The innovative fabric consists of mineral-infused fibers that absorb and radiate body energy back to the wearer.


The result is what’s known as “long wave infrared radiation” which can help ease muscle tension, decrease inflammation and increase blood circulation. These combined effects play a big role in a range of supportive and therapeutic applications for joints and muscles, for horses, people and dogs.

The Welltex innovation launched the company 15 years ago and the insistence on highest quality and efficacy, as in the FDA brace distinction, is what has kept it at the top of the therapeutic equine industry.

“Our products have such a good reputation, so we will only add or recommend something that is truly exceptional,” Bo explains. “Back on Track is always striving to improve and expand our product line.”

The newest addition that meets Back on Track’s standard is Limber Up, the next generation of liniment and shampoo. The new products were developed by Stacey Small, founder of the former EquiLite and Sore No More liniments.

“I told Stacey that unless she could make a better liniment than what’s on the market already today, then I don’t want it,” Bo explains. After months of development, that’s exactly what she did, he states. “I did not give Stacey an easy task, but she excelled at creating a great all-natural product. We would not put the Back on Track logo on the product if we didn’t think it is the best in the market today! Limber Up is also safe to use with Back on Track products.”

Photo: Lynn Rose Equine Photography

The Limber Up Brace & Wash and Shampoo are rich in herbs and made of all-natural ingredients, rather than being alcohol-based. The “mint” part of its name gives it a refreshing scent and contributes to its soothing effect. Equally important, it’s been tested on the typically more sensitive skin of horses with albino or chestnut coats and found to have the desired effect.

In addition to Limber Up’s performance attributes, it has been Certified Drug Free by the Banned Substance Control Group. BSCG offers a complete suite of certification and testing services.

These programs offer protection to equines, canines or other competition animals subject to anti-doping policies of official animal-sport organizations including ARCI (Association of Racing Commissioners International), FEI (International Federation for Equestrian Sports), USEF (United States Equestrian Federation), and others. It offers assurance that the ingredients used to produce those products are free from banned substances and other harmful agents that can lead to health concerns or positive drug tests. (For more information visit www.bscg.org.)

Regular product testing is integral to Back on Track’s business model. The company’s extensive range of products for riders, horses and dogs is produced at their own factories. As each new batch of material is made, an independent university tests the level of reflected energy and its wavelength to ensure it meets the company’s high standards.

Something For Every Body Part

Venturing into the world of protective headgear, Back on Track whole heartily recommends the EQ3 helmet by Trauma Void. It features MIPS technology and has been a hot seller since Trauma Void made it available in the States in January of this year.  It uses “slip plane” technology involving two layers of protection that rotate against each other, mirroring the rotation of protective fluids that help protect the brain from impact. Ski and bike racers are among the sports that embraced MIPS long ago.

Back on Track began catering to the equestrian market and has branched well beyond that to include therapeutic apparel for non-riders and dogs.

Olympic gold medalist show jumper McLain Ward is one of many believers in the company’s equine products. “By using Back on Track leg wraps, we do a better job of the horse’s legs and we’ve stopped using poultice so it cuts down on the problem of skin irritation and drying out the legs.

“Using the blankets, we’ve noticed a great difference in the horses’ backs,” he continues. “We can go longer between the chiropractic treatments. This is a wonderful product that keeps our horses in great shape.”

The leg wraps and blankets McLain mentions join a long list of equine products. These include mesh sheets and saddle pads, and boots and wraps for fetlocks, hocks and knees, bell boots and a variety of boots for protection and support for everything from jumping and dressage to racing and polo.

Head and neck comfort and performance are addressed with the equine shoulder guard, poll cover, head cap and neck cover. All made of Welltex, these versatile pieces help warm up muscles, reducing injury risk and increasing range of motion. Radiating back body heat to the head, through the poll cover and neck cap, can calm horses by easing tension in those areas.

Back on Track’s people products are designed for everyone, athletes or not, and address the same scope of anatomy as their equine counterparts. Braces for the arms and legs, neck and back are complemented by shirts and undergarments addressing a wide range of needs. T-shirts made of Welltex may help ease everyday joint pain, for example, while the neck wrap and Dickey Bib are made for those recovering from whiplash or other neck related injuries or discomforts. Socks, shoe in-soles, scarves, and gloves complete a line that enables nearly head to toe coverage and comfort.

In addition, Back on Track launched a new product line aimed at improving the lives of active people. The + physio Line products are uniquely designed with a comfortable four-way stretch and the support of a brace. The braces are FDA-approved and include all the benefits of Welltex technology.

With U.S. headquarters in Pottstown, PA, Back on Track is already outgrowing a 14,300 -square foot warehouse it moved into only four years ago. Twenty-two people work on Stateside operations and another team is expanding the brand’s global reach.

New colors for the best-selling collared mesh sheets and Quick Wraps await fans this season, along with new braces made of four-way stretch Welltex. With innovation as its modus operandi, there’s no limit to Back on Track’s future.

For more information, visit www.backontrack.com.