February 2015 - Racing Home!

The “Christmas 12” Rescue underscores Neigh Savers’ need for own facility.

Being the son of a great star doesn’t keep you safe from horrific neglect. On December 23, 2014, a team of volunteers from Neigh Savers travelled to Lockwood Valley to rescue Seattle Buddy, son of the great Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew, and 11 other severely malnourished Thoroughbreds.

The horses were part of a racetrack breeding program that became insolvent and stopped meeting the horses’ most basic needs. All 12 showed signs of starvation and substantial neglect. The rescue involved hours of negotiating with the owners, three volunteer trailer teams and a harrowing night rescue in near-freezing temperatures and total darkness. In the end, all 12 horses were safely loaded and delivered to one of Neigh Savers’ partner facilities in Temecula, where they are now receiving medical care and already showing signs of improvement.

Neigh Savers was grateful to be able to carry out this emergency rescue, but tragically the organization often turns away horses in critical need. It is limited by the fact it does not maintain its own facility and instead places its rescues at any one of eight satellite facilities that span 550 California miles.

Despite this cumbersome arrangement, Neigh Savers is the largest Thoroughbred rescue in California, impressively re-homing 60 horses in 2014 and approximately 400 since its 2007 inception. As the organization enters its eighth year, it has decided it’s time to bring the horses home and open their own facility in Southern California.

“A ranch of our own would enable Neigh Savers to care for the horses much more cost effectively,” explains Nicole Schwartz, president of Neigh Saver’s Board of Directors. “It would offer potential adopters more interaction with the horses and increase transparency to the community and our donors. The additional number of lives that will be saved by centralizing our operations is exponential.”

The race is on to find a property of its own. Neigh Savers is reaching out to the community to help spread the word: any property owner looking to sell, lease or share property is encouraged to contact Neigh Savers. A minimum of five acres with covered barn, arena, pasture and residence would be required. Neigh Savers is happy to entertain creative options and build relationships with owners. All property owners should contact Nicole Schwartz at 818-456-9184. For more information on the “Racing Home” campaign, please visit www.neighsavers.org/racing-­home

Press release provided by Neigh Savers. Headquartered in Agoura Hills, Neigh Savers is certified by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, supported and endorsed by the ASPCA, Thoroughbred Charities of America and CARMA.

For more information, please visit www.neighsavers.org.