Bio-Mimicry + Micro Solar Technology
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 18 April 2017 22:25

Bio-mimicry is imitating natures strategies as a means of resource towards innovation and solving Problems. With a SMART-TROUGH Mosquito Pump, each water trough becomes a mini recirculating river.



No More Stagnant Water. A Micro-Solar Self contained living water system that cleans itself, regulates temperature, and keeps the water oxygenated and clear of algae bloom and aquatic bugs like mosquitos.

The system is a supplement for your existing open-faced water trough. If you don't have an old or new open faced water trough, you should consider getting rid of the small bucket or the small trough that you use, and get a open faced deep water trough and a SMART-TROUGH Mosquito Pump; so that your horse, cattle, or livestock can have more Fresh water to perform your every command to the fullest extent.

It's possible to take horses to water, and make them drink with a smart-trough mosquito pump. Ready to serve your herd? Here comes the Sun.


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