Good Footing is Safe Footing
Written by CRM
Friday, 28 February 2020 04:01
For over 23 years we have been supplying horse arena builders world-wide with our arena footing additives.  GGT – Footing is used at international horse show facilities and for FEI World Cup Jumping and Dressage events.  But did you know how easy and affordable it is to have World Class GGT – Footing in your arena at home?  We are offering blends individual farms can install themselves allowing you to practice on the same quality footing you find at competition facilities!

Our Polyester fiber blends have been used as footing for multiple riding disciplines.  We offer different product types for your particular discipline, i.e. jumping, dressage, barrel racing, western disciplines, general arena riding and even for racetracks.  Our products endure the test of time, resist packing and provide optimal concussion relief to help minimize joint and tendon stress on your equine athlete.
GGT – Footing provides the whole package when it comes to arena needs, from our Butterfly Mats to World Class fiber footing, additives for moisture control and German engineered groomers to keep your arena in great shape.

The use of our Butterfly Mats can significantly reduce the cost of traditional layering methods with gravel, extra sand and the labor involved in construction of your arena base.  By utilizing the GGT Butterfly Mat system, one can protect their horse’s joints and tendons from long term concussion and instability due to slippage from traditional footing surfaces.  The typical force of a striking hoof is absorbed by the mat playing an important role in maintaining soundness.  While providing efficient drainage during a heavy rain events our mats will hold a certain amount of moisture helping to maintain your footing surface while protecting your base material.
Moisture control is always at the forefront of maintaining a quality arena.  GGT’s Arpolith bring a new meaning to the term Moisture Control.  GGT Arpolith is an organic volcanic ash material and can extend the times between watering your arena, while keeping your arena at the right moisture level.  By absorbing up to 30 times its size in water, having Arpolith in your arena will get you riding much quicker after rain and extend the time between watering your arena.  We continually improve our products by utilizing our customer’s feedback to develop new and better additives.
GGT – Footing allows you to bring the quality footing you ride on at horse shows to your personal arena.  Once your fiber footing is installed maintaining your arena is a top priority. GGT – Footing needs a groomer with adjustable tines as well as a rear cage roller to keep the footing mixed properly.  Our groomers adjust to aerate your sand to create the lofty feeling you love or can compact your surface to provide added structure and strength, filling in divots and releveling as you go.  Our Arena Conditioners come in several size options and can be pulled by tractors or ATV’s.  With our specialized GGT – Arena Conditioner you can keep your beautiful footing in its best condition.
For more information please contact: Amanda Wild, West Coast Sales for GGT – Footing, 864-415-2526.

Press release provided by AHP.