New Equitopia Course Featuring Dr. Gerd Heuschmann Illuminates the Path Towards Developing Horses Into Happy Athletes
Written by CRM
Thursday, 23 April 2020 19:47

Equitopia’s highly anticipated new course is now available online.

"The Basics of Classical Dressage: Achieving Balance through Rhythm, Suppleness & Contact" provides the tools needed to understand the components of relaxed horses in true self carriage.
This course was developed with Gerd Heuschmann, world renowned veterinarian and master rider. Heuschmann is the acclaimed author of "Tug of War: Classical vs. Modern Dressage," "Collection or Contortion," "Balancing Act," and in 2009 produced the DVD that shook the horse industry, "If Horses Could Speak."

“I want a happy athlete” said Dr. Heuschmann, “I want a horse who loves me and looks forward to me as a person and wants to be ridden by me.”
Based on a lifetime of study and experience integrating compassionate training techniques for the physical and mental welfare of horses, Dr. Heuschmann examines the basics of classical riding. Focusing on the first three steps of the training scale — rhythm, suppleness and contact — Heuschmann goes through each step in detail to explain how to produce a happy horse in balance.
Grand Prix rider and trainer, Alexis Martin-Vegue, sums up the importance of the course, “I'd like to assume that all riders began their journey because of a passion, a love for horses. For the joy of being near them, watching and feeling their innate athletic elegance. To ride as one, to have a deep partnership with their horse the most attractive goal. But what I see in competition and in training often looks like a huge departure from that. Instead I see frustrated riders attempting to make grace out of a tense horse, without the right tools to do it. Dr. Heuschmann has dedicated a lifetime of study to help rider's implement the classical methods that create a supple, happy athlete, a harmonious partnership.”
This course gives an overview of the history of classical riding and the philosophies behind its evolution. By the end of the course participants will have "trained their eyes" to recognize the characteristics of truly balanced and happy horses, and be able to identify the features of a tense horse in false collection.  
"The Basics of Classical Dressage: Achieving Balance through Rhythm, Suppleness & Contact" will be of high value to amateurs and trainers who feel that they have done all of the right things — foot balance, saddle fit and rider posture — yet still feel some resistance or question whether their horse is truly lifted in the back, and light and elastic in contact.
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