Rancho Pasatiempo
Written by by Les Thomson
Sunday, 01 March 2020 00:00

Retirees, rehabs and vacationing equines welcome.

by Les Thomson

Christy and I purchased a property in Winchester near Temecula. Our idea was to make a place where we could have horses retiring, horses needing a place to rest while recovering from injury or horses just needing a break from their job.

When a new horse arrives, we keep them by themselves in a stall with an adjacent paddock, so they can be inside or outside at any time.  When we feel they have adjusted to their new environment, we move them to a larger paddock.  

If they are here short-term, 30 days to six months, we keep them by themselves to avoid any injury from other horses.  Long-term horses are placed in a pasture with other horses which gives them a chance to have a buddy.  Horses are herd animals and enjoy being together.   We only put four horses to a pasture.  Mares and geldings are kept separate.

We charge a flat fee with no extra charges for extra care such as feeding supplements, giving medicine, doctoring injuries or hand walking.  We feed alfalfa hay three times a day.  All the horses are groomed monthly.  

We take care of getting their feet trimmed or shod, vaccinations, worming and teeth floating.

For more information or a brochure, please feel free to call or text the Thomsons at 949-874-0677.