Three Greatest Melbourne Cup Moments
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 09 September 2020 16:04
As the Melbourne Cup is getting closer, the anticipation and excitement of racing enthusiasts are also increasing. Many may have made their full preparations for the event while others may be planning to do so.

Those who haven’t should know that bookmakers don’t waste much time releasing Melbourne Cup 2020 odds so that betting fans can get the preliminary odds several months ago. Additionally, there are two types of odds for betting. In tote odds, the number of bets placed up to a certain point determines the odds, while fixed-odds mean that the odds one gets at the time of betting remain the same. And before you place your bets, it is always advisable to read the betting tips so you can get good ideas about who is likely to win or lose a race. 

1- 1940 Melbourne Cup

In the history of the Melbourne Cup, there have been four horses who won at 100/1, and Old Rowley was one such horse who secured victory even at such odds. He was suffering a worse form before entering the 1940 Melbourne Cup, with the racing contender winless in two years. It is also said that he was having joint and gait problems before the race. So hopeless his prospects looked that he even failed to get the backing of the owner. However, his rider didn’t give up on him and made the decision to compete in the race. To the shock of all the spectators, Old Rowley competed fiercely and ultimately defeated the favorite Beau Vite to claim the race. 

2- 2015 Melbourne Cup

The 2015 Melbourne Cup witnessed something that had never happened in the long history of the race. Michelle Payne became the first female jockey to win the famous racing event in over 150 years. What was truly amazing was that the Australian jockey secured her famous victory on 100-1 shot Prince of Penzance. To make her achievement more extraordinary, she had suffered a bad fall two years ago and considered retiring from horse racing. 

Her post-race speech became hugely famous, in which she said: "It's such a chauvinistic sport ... everyone else can get stuffed who think women aren't good enough… I'm so glad to win Melbourne Cup and hopefully it will help female jockeys from now on to get more of a go."

3- 2008 Melbourne Cup

Bart Cummings was one of the greatest Australian racehorse trainers of all time. During his career, he won an incredible 12 Melbourne Cups, hence earning the nickname Cups King. He was an expert at getting his horses to perform at their level best. 

In 2008, he ran an underrated horse named Viewed in the Melbourne Cup at inflated odds, and still managed to win. He has been inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame and the Australian Racing Hall of Fame.