Uk Fans to Return to Horse Racing Grounds in September for the First Time Since Lockdown
Written by CRM
Thursday, 17 December 2020 20:03

The first three quarters of 2020 has seen humanity trying to follow another set of rules that is alien to their way of life. Instead of going out and mingling, we now have to avoid each other for fear of contacting the Coronavirus. This has taken almost every activity to the virtual space, including sports. Horse racing, however, is about to take us back to the norms.

In the last quarter of the year, 2020, Europeans are faced with the news that Doncaster’s St Leger Festival is ready to host crowds again. This will be the first sporting activity where crowds gather together to cheer their favorite sportsman and boo the opposing party. St. Leger Festival is slated to start on the 9th of September.

The game will feature the legendary St. Leger race, one of the world’s oldest classic racing events. The race gathers so much interest that people bet on various horses to win. Excited fans further place bets on sites like
Sportsbet in attempt to make some money. The race was won by the horse named Logician in 2019, with Frankie Dettori riding on it. 

Fans are happy with the news that they would be able to watch the race live at the festival. However, the festival was not the first event that planned to host crowds. Glorious Goodwood Festival had also planned to. The organizers of Glorious Goodwood had planned to host 5000 fans on the last day. Sadly, there was an unexpected surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, and the project was cancelled.

The planners of the Glorious Goodwood festivals lost a lot of money from planning that event, but as the chief executive of Racecourse, David Armstrong said, valuable lessons were learned from that project. 

Since then, horse racing has been held in closed doors. The government had also made provisions for sporting events to hold without fans and crowds. Fans have had to follow sites likeRiding Magazine or watch live to stay updated. St Leger, however, has been given the baton to kick start public sports events. There is speculation that 3000 to 6000 fans will be in attendance. All tickets will be sold before the event to know how to seat guests.

According to the organizers, there will be strict adherence to the social distancing protocol. People will have their face masks on, use hand sanitizers, and stay a few meters away from each other. Personal Hygiene will be kept, and there will be a new code of conduct for fans that will be in attendance. This year's festival will be different from what fans and customers are normally used to, but things have been put in place to make it not only enjoyable but memorable too.

Ifthe crowds' return to Doncaster’s St Leger Festival plan goes well, other sporting events will join more boldly. For example, on 21st September, there are plans to organize a horse race in Warsaw. Football activities are also starting, and plans are already in the pipeline to reintroduce fans to the Premier League Matches. These plans are really important if the finances of sporting organizations must survive.

This shows that this upcoming horse racing event is really important. Everybody is watching to see if this racing festival will be a successful one. Sports stakeholders are keeping their fingers crossed on this one. Hopefully, this festival ends well and gives room for other festivals and sporting events to hold with fans.