Fastest Horse Breeds in the World
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 05 January 2021 00:27
Which is the fastest horse breed? There is no straight answer to this question because horses, like people, are built differently. Some horses are very fast sprinters and can run a quarter-mile at speeds reaching 45 miles per hour but then tire. Others will run a mile at lower speeds, around 40mph. Then, long-distance running horses can keep up speeds around 30 mph covering distances over 60 miles.  

Horse breeders try to get the best breed by interbreeding horses with these different abilities. A range of these breeds have been used for war and racing, so they are popular
horse racing tips depending on the distance they are running. Here are the fastest horse breeds in different distances;

Arabian Horse 

This horse breed gets its name from the Arabian deserts. It was bred for its endurance in the harsh environment. It is lean and compact with an average height of 14 hands, a delicate-looking head, and a long and slender neck. The Arabian’s eyes are wide-set and expressive and muzzle narrow. 

Although it can run up to 40 mph in short distances, the Arabian is better known for endurance racing. These races cover 100-150 miles in one or two days. These horses are adored in the Middle East, where they are exclusively used in many desert races.  Arabians are the majority in the Tevis Cup. This race is the most famous American endurance horse race covering about 100 miles in California’s Sierra Nevada in 24 hours. 

American Quarter Horse 

This horse is bred for sprint races. As the name suggests, its best performance is in the quarter-mile race, where it can reach speeds over 40 miles per hour.  It is a compact and muscular horse with a height ranging from 14 to 16 hands. This horse was first bred by American colonists, who interbred English and Spanish horses. 

The quarter horse competes in distances 220-870 yards, covering 11 types of races. This breed is the dominant competitor in the prestigious All-American Futurity race with a $3 million prize.

Thoroughbred Horse 

This is the most famous horse racing breed because the 1-Mile or 6-furlongs race is the most common horse race. Many horse racetracks are one mile long.  The thoroughbred is tall with a height of 15.2 to 17 hands.  It has a slim profile build for speed and agility.  

Thoroughbreds come from mixing bloodlines of Turkoman, Arabian, and barb horse breeds, namely the Byerly Turk, the Darley Arabian, and the Godolphin Barb.  The Guinness World Records has Thoroughbred as the fastest horse on the mile race at 43.9 mph by Winning Brew at Penn National Race.   

Akhal Teke Horse 

The metallic sheen of this horse gives it a mystique that many horse fans find fascinating. Some consider the Akhal Teke as the original racing horse. It can trace origins to Turkmenistan over 3,000 years ago. It was bred for war and racing, and is thought to be a distant ancestor of the Arabian.   Its average height is 15.2 hands, and 900-1000 pounds weight.  It is estimated there are less than 5,000 Akhal Tekes, which makes them rare. 


This is the favorite horse for harness racing. They come from interbreeding Thoroughbred, Morgan, and Canadian Pacer bloodlines. While not as speedy as thoroughbreds, these horses are seen in many horse events because they are all-around competitors. They are easy to learn, which makes them good for show jumping, and barrel racing. 

Different horses are built for different races because of their build. But thoroughbreds dominate most racehorse racing tracks around the world. There are many other pure breeds, but these are by far the speediest in the world of horse racing.