The Most Popular Horse Racing Events
Written by CRM
Monday, 22 February 2021 17:32

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most well-known sports to humanity. Throughout history, this sport has taken many shapes, the one that is present today is the most entertaining and fun to watch. It boasts millions of fans from all around the world and there are tons of popular events from all around the world.

Speaking on that topic, we decided to provide you with a shortlist of our personal top picks as the most popular horse racing events globally. We are also going to mention how this sport managed to influence other industries due to its popularity. Let’s begin.

Influence In Other Areas

One industry that is heavily influenced by this sport is the betting industry. As you may know, horse racing and betting have always been side-by-side. The fans of the sport are more than willing to wager on the races every chance they get. Up until recently, the only way to place bets was via the land-based bookmakers, but a surge in a new trend provided the people with a far better option.

Online bookmakers have become very popular recently due to the fact that they have tons of great promotions over the land-based bookmakers. They provide the registered players with a certain level of anonymity, have more betting options, better odds, easier access, numerous accepted payment methods, and most importantly – people can place bets much faster and easier.

One of the most respected sites of this character is, an online bookmaker that is well-known for featuring pretty much every horse racing event and every sport that you can think of, in general. To gain access to all of its features, you just need to register.

Now, let’s check out the most popular horse racing events.

Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ Cup was inaugurated in 1984 and up until 2006, this was a single-day event, but 2007 was the year when it was changed and became a two-day event. This is a Grade I Thoroughbred annual series in which the total purse varies from race to race, but it is always between $1 and $6 million. Each year, the event is held in the United States, with one exception that was made in 1996, when the Breeders’ Cup was held in Canada.

Cheltenham Festival

Next up, we have an event with one of the biggest prize purses in the world. Cheltenham Festival is a four-day festival that takes place in Cheltenham and features races of all types, with the most popular being the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Queen Mother Champion Chase, and the Champion Hurdle. Ruby Walsh is the most accomplished jockey in this festival.

Grand National

Finally, we have the Mecca of horse racing and the most popular race in the world. The Grand National is a National Hunt race that takes place at Aintree Racecourse. This is a steeplechase race which was inaugurated in 1839 and it is one of the oldest horse races in history. The total prize purse of this race is over $1 million, with half of that money going to the winner. The qualification horses must be seven years old, rated 120+ by BHA, and must have been previously placed in a recognized chase of 3 miles or more.