Sprawling Acres of Trailers 
at Western States Horse Expo
Written by Press Release
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 23:51


The folks at Western States Horse Expo, June 5-7 at Sacramento, California, recognize the important role that horse trailers play in the lives of horse enthusiasts.


“Let’s be honest,” smiles Miki Nelsen, founder and president of WSHE, “when we pass a horse trailer on the road, we first look to see who’s driving and then we stare at what kind of rig it is. Does it have living quarters? Is it a ramp or step-up model? Gooseneck or bumper pull? Drop-down bus windows?”


Indeed, horse trailers play a major role in the lifestyles of horse lovers. From needing to transport a horse to the veterinary clinic to hauling to horse shows, there’s only one way that can be accomplished: With a horse trailer.

We all crane our necks when passing a horse trailer sales lot, too, mentally picking out which of those we’d like to haul home. But typically it’s one manufacturer that’s represented at these lots, so choices are limited. Not so at Horse Expo.

The display of trailers at Horse Expo is beyond your wildest dreams. Acres and acres of every kind of trailer and every brand of trailer imaginable are represented here. Sales men and women are more than glad to answer any questions and show you the special features of their particular manufacturer. Need extra space in the living quarters? A pop-out trailer is perfect. Want a faux fireplace in the fanciest of these trailers? No problem. And if you need a basic stock trailer with room for four with a divider, this is the place to find it.

One of the biggest reasons for buying a trailer at the Expo is that dealers are there to make deals. From special pricing to throwing in extra features at no charge, these dealers are qualified and willing to wrap up whatever you need. And if you need direction for financing, they’ll do that too. They have dealt with numerous banks, credit unions and financial institutions, so these dealers know what will work the best for you.

Here’s another advantage of buying a trailer at the Expo. If you drove to the Expo in a truck with a bumper pull hitch and bought a gooseneck that you want to take home, mechanics on the premises will take your truck while you enjoy the Expo — and they’ll have your truck transformed at the end of the day. Whatever you need. No worries!

Don’t own a truck? Hey! Once again you’ve come to the right place! The right trucks for hauling horses are all displayed here. And again, these dealers are ready and willing to work with you. Trucks and trailers right here at the same spot — your dreams come true!

These trailers and trucks — and so much more — can be seen for the one-day ticket price of $18 at the gate or $45 for all three days.

Here’s an even greater way to save on tickets. Until June 5, on-line tickets are only $15 each. So visit on-line at www.Horsexpo.com to buy tickets and save enough money for corn dogs at the expo!

For more information, visit www.Horsexpo.com or call 800.352.2411.