September 2018 - IEHJA: The Heat Is On
Written by by Patti Schooley • photos: Team Barn Mom Photography
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 22:27
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Members battle heat & each other chasing in points hunt for Fall Festival.

by Patti Schooley • photos: Team Barn Mom Photography

The “lazy days of summer” is certainly a misnomer when applied to the IEHJA summer horse show season. In Southern California it’s hot, it’s humid and the riders are certainly not lazy as they train and show in uncomfortable conditions. Most normal people (and by that, I mean non-horse owners/riders), do not understand a rider’s competitive passion.

But summer is the height of the show calendar; there are points to be earned before the end of year horse show. The IEHJA “Fall Festival,” scheduled for November 16-18 at the City of Industry Expo Center, promises challenging hunter/jumper courses, great prizes and awards, scholarship monies, a hosted exhibitor/family “meet and greet” dinner and much more. As a new twist, IEHJA has added a “ride, drive and bounce” class with a monetary prize attached.



Stay tuned to the IEHJA website (, the show premium and this magazine for more exciting horse show information!

Caitlin Lee and Rebel Without a Cause on course at the July Victory show.

Amelia Kent riding Everythings Coming Up Daisy.

Lilah Nakatani riding Sadie Hawkins.

Amanda Gomez and Hero MK at July Victory show.