January 2019 - The IEHJA Fall Festival End of Year Show is a “Cruzzin” Success!
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Thursday, 27 December 2018 23:05
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Riders compete in unique Ride, Scoot & Bounce Event with winning team taking home $1000 prize money.

IEHJA and sponsor Cruzzin Mobility Scooters, put on a first of its kind Ride, Scoot and Bounce event at the November 16-18, 2018 End of Year Horse Show. This Friday night event, held under the lights at the City of Industry Expo Center, was fiercely competitive and hugely entertaining.


Twenty-three, three-person costumed teams participated in in this challenging ride, scoot and bounce course. The first team member rode a jumper style course at the 2’3” height and carried a baton that was passed onto team member two. Of course, the rider had to first dismount, run in his or her tall boots in the soft arena footing while holding on to their horse, to pass the baton to the scooter driver.

The scooter driver revved up the mobility scooter to its max 7-mph speed and attacked an obstacle course just outside the arena fence. Points were deducted for knockdowns or off course maneuvers. The baton was then passed to the bouncy ball rider who had the toughest job of all. Picture yourself on a small inflated rubber ball bouncing across the arena with your quad muscles screaming and your forward impulsion only as good as your technique. The smallest team members were usually volunteered for the bouncy ball segment.

The event was timed and the team with the fastest time and fewest faults won. The “Barry Allen Secret Powers” team whose members included Hunter Franklin, rider, Sam Tate, bouncer and Shawn Tate, scooter driver won this inaugural event. The team trains at the Willowbrook Riding Club in Desert Hot Springs.

Ride Scoot and Bounce Rider.

Devynn Sibley riding Sandy Olsen’s Berlin to IEHJA Flat Medal Champion.

The ride, scoot and bounce event was held Friday night after a full day of jumper competition.  Jumper riders were offered an array of sanctioned classes from the .70’s Low Children’s/AA series to the 1.0 Modified Jumpers and all in between. The Showdown Perpetual Medal, sponsored by Joan and Pat Romo of Mountain View Farms Hunter Jumpers, was also held Friday and won by Campbell Lear riding Arias Destiny. Hannah Rohr riding her own Jaeger Meister was Reserve Champion. Campbell’s name will be engraved on the perpetual trophy and joins the select list of Perpetual Showdown winners.

Other Jumper Division Champions include the following: Sam Tate on Summer Vacation, CH Low Schooling Jumpers; Briannah McGee riding Patch of Mischief, CH Low Children’s/AA Jumpers; Hallie Williams (all the way from Montana) on Far Rockaway, CH Children’s/AA Jumpers; Jessica Abbott riding her own Dream Catcher, CH Schooling Jumpers; Londyn Wright on True Love, CH Pre-Training Jumpers; Aurora Remis aboard Manzanita, CH Training Jumpers and Amanda Gomez on Dalila, CH Modified Jumpers. Friday night ended with the “Meet and Great” dinner sponsored by the IEHJA Board of Directors.

Saturday proved to be a busy day for Hunter, Derby and Medal riders. The indoor arena hosted the USHJA 2’9” Gold and 2’6” Silver medals and the $500 Hunter Derby. The USHJA Medal classes are open to Juniors and amateurs and are held at various jumping heights and must include a minimum of eight obstacles. Jump type, changes of direction and roll backs are specified by class height and, at the judge’s discretion, may result in a work off. Hannah Rohr on Jaeger Meister was the Gold Medal winner, Londyn Wright and True Love were the Silver Medalist and Sam Tate, riding Summer Vacation, capped the Bronze Medal (held in the outdoor arena).

Team Super Heros.

Team Super Heros hand off.

Competitors in the $500 Hunter Derby were judged on performance, hunter pace, jumping style quality and movement. The first round of the Derby is a classic hunter round with a variety of jumps made of natural materials such as brush, logs, hedge, hay bales or natural foliage and included 2-3 bonus option fences. The top 12 rider/horse combinations become eligible to compete in the second handy round. The handy round tests the rider by offering tighter turns, different tracks, clever options for jumping approaches, hand gallop and trot requirements, a halt and possible obstacle navigation on the flat. Derby winner Amanda Gomez, riding Dalila, was more than up to the challenge.

Saturday was also filled with a full complement of hunter and equitation classes, the stirrup series, walk-trot, cross rails, green riders and lead line. The walk-trot and cross rail divisions proved ever popular with the largest number of competitors. It’s great to see our young riders and new to riding adults compete with such seriousness and enthusiasm. Heather Pearson riding Havana was the Walk-trot CH while Lauren Cruz on her own Salut to Shakespeare topped the open Cross-rail Division with Amelia Owen and Benvolio CH Cross-rails. Sam Tate and Summer Vacation was a triple CH, winning the Green Rider and Long Stirrup Divisions and the $100`Green Rider 2’3” Hunter Classic. Short Stirrup CH was Mckenna Hamner riding She’s a Looker and the talented lead line riders were (in order of placement) Genesis Peraza, Kaleb Fisher and Isabella Farnsworth. The $200 Stirrup Classic was won by Rusty Stirrup rider Joyce Noel.

Sunday started off with the IEHJA Medal Finals. Participation was by invitation only, riders must be an IEHJA member, have accumulated 10 points either by winning a medal class or by placing in multiple medal classes at sanctioned IEHJA horse shows. Medal Finalist winners were as follows:  Emma Bryson riding Chicago won the 2’3” medal, Lauren Mauldin on Something So Right won the medal at the 2’6” and Amanda Gomez on Dalila won the 2’9” medal. The IEHJA Flat Medal Final winner was Devynn Sibley riding Berlin. Other champions not previously identified in the Hunter and Equitation Divisions include: Susan Smith on Enchanted, Baby Greens; Laura Becker riding her own Zack Attack, Low Children’s/AA Hunters; Jessica Abbott riding Black Jack and Beers to Champion in the Low Hunters and Berlin to Champion in the Modified Hunters and Gabby Franklin riding Stan the Man to champion in the Children’s/AA Equitation. For a full list of Show Champions, Reserve Champions and individual class placements go to horseshowtime.com. Congratulations to all our winners!

IEHJA would like to thank its sponsors for their support not only of our organization but also specifically our “Fall Festival” end of year show. Sponsors not only support us financially but also supply us with prizes and awards that benefit our competitors. Many staffed sales booths in our barn area and had great interaction with riders and family members.  Cruzzzin Mobility Scooters gave test rides to prospective buyers. Slews Chews brought wonderful horse treats and accessories for our equine partners. The Hunt Seat Paper Co. displayed a whole variety of horse related paper goods and gifts. At the CBD Works booth horse owners and riders were educated to the benefits of its oils and edibles in the treatment of both animals and humans. Artist, Clarence Pencilman Pointer, known for his portraits and sports series including his beautiful representation of the TB Whirlwind, displayed many of his works. Shoppers flocked to The Tried Equestrian booth to dig through racks of gently used English apparel and tack.

Other important sponsors include Dover Saddlery provider of tack and riding apparel, Sports Life Magazine featuring the latest in sports related news with many equestrian spotlights, HYGAIN “feeding champions since 1983”, Stubben maker of fine English saddles, Shapley’s superior grooming products, KG Braiding and Banding, Amy Ericksen’s Pony Up & Whitefish Emporium and California Riding Magazine, the official print sponsor of IEHJA. Thank you sponsors!

For more information contact us at info.iehja.com.