December 2017 - Glenn Showcase’s Special Story
Written by CRM
Friday, 01 December 2017 00:36
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Photo: Tamara Torti

ICSI embryo continues a treasured sporthorse bloodline.

Jennifer Grubb-Reed’s Glenn Showcase, a 2017 colt by Glenn Livit out of the dam Showgirl, was High Scoring Premium Colt at the ISR/Oldenburg NA inspection hosted by Starr Vaughn Equestrian this past August. That distinction is only part of this stunning colt’s unique story. He is the result of a frozen embryo from the reproductive research program at Texas A&M University. This is just the beginning of his story.

Jennifer is the owner of the Trakehner sire, Glenn Livit and also the dam Showgirl, now deceased. A 1999 Sandro Hit filly out of an Elite Donnerhall mare, Showgirl was imported by Jennifer after being purchased through the A.O.S Schockemohle Auction. Showgirl received 110 points as a premium mare for ISR/Oldenburg NA and was the Second Highest Scoring Premium Mare for the West Coast in 2006. After an unfortunate soft tissue injury at a young age, Showgirl found her true calling as a broodmare. She produced three premium foals all sired by Glenn Livit before a tragic pasture accident in 2011 that shattered her elbow. Showgirl was put down after orthopedic surgery was unsuccessful.

Photo: Tamara Torti

With this unexpected and sudden loss, and in order to continue Jennifer’s special bloodline, Showgirl’s ovaries were harvested by Dr. Brad Jackman DVM, MS, ACVS, the owner of Pioneer Equine Hospital in Oakdale. The ovaries were then sent to Texas A&M University along with frozen semen from Glenn Livit in hopes of creating ICSI embryos. Using the ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) process, an oocyte (egg) from Showgirl was injected with an individual sperm from the donor stallion, Glenn Livit. This process resulted in two viable embryos. The embryos were allowed to develop in the Texas A&M University laboratory for approximately one week prior to being frozen. One embryo developed properly in 2011, but resulted in a negative pregnancy after being transferred to a recipient mare in Texas. The success rate of ICSI embryos resulting in a positive pregnancy is only about 40 percent.

In 2016, after having been frozen for five years, the last embryo was warmed at Texas A&M through an intricate multi-step process and shipped to Pioneer Equine Hospital.

This last embryo was then transferred to a recipient mare, Glenn Morangie. This 2008 filly was the Top Scoring Foal ISR/Oldenburg NA and 2009 USEF Horse of the Year Hunter Breeding Yearlings and just happened to be Glenn Showcase’s full sister! She has been an incredible “sister-mommy” and has already given Glenn Showcase an excellent start in life, Jennifer reports.

Jennifer and Aaron Reed, and Jennifer’s parents, Ed and Patti Grubb are elated to have a fourth premium offspring from Showgirl, and are looking forward to Glenn Showcase’s bright future!  The family would like to express their gratitude to Dr. Brad Jackman, Dr. Karen Jackman (Unger), Dr. Kevin Hyde, and the staff at both Pioneer Equine Hospital and Texas A&M University for working together to make this possible.

Article provided by Jennifer Grubb-Reed.