June 2019 - GGT Footing
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Tuesday, 28 May 2019 22:06
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Good footing enhances safety, performance and longevity.

Gait analysis has shown that the excessive concussion caused by hard footing can impede a horse’s performance and cause physical damage. Footing that is too soft or deep can cause strain on muscles, tendons, and ligaments through excessive shear.

High quality, appropriate footing such as GGT-Footing™ (German Geo-Textile) offers a scientifically formulated combination of cushion and support that can enhance a horse’s performance while promoting improved physical health and longevity.



Cynthia Brewster-Keating, national sales manager at GGT-Footing, is knowledgeable in this field. She touts the benefit of using GGT’s unique technological recipe of virgin geotextiles and fibers to create the optimal footing product for her clients.

“Many studies, including a white paper by the FEI, have focused on arena surfaces within the broad context of providing training and competition arenas for sport horses that facilitate maximal performance while minimizing the risk of injury,” Cynthia relays. “Better footing creates less vet bills!”

GGT provides the optimum footing for any discipline Including dressage, western performance styles and jumping. That’s why it’s found In the best arenas in the United States and Europe.

Chenoa McElvain & Wallstreet RC, at the HIPICO Santa Fe Summer Series 2018. Photo: Sharon McElvain, sharonmcelvain.com

GGT-Footing has also developed a new arena matting system that minimizes headaches in setting up a base layer and drainage system, while reducing the amount of footing needed.

Cynthia and her staff work closely with clients to help them choose the footing mix that is right for their needs. Whether it’s for a backyard arena or a full-service show facility, GGT custom blends textile fibers that bind with sand particles. The end result is a more stable, buoyant surface for the horse while maintaining a moisture content that cuts down significantly on dust.

Arena by Danny Austin

Easy Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is another benefit of GGT-Footing. “Once installed properly, GGT-Footing is maintained through watering the materials to keep them bound together, and using a conditioner designed for these textiles that keeps them thoroughly mixed,” Cynthia explains. Frequency of this maintenance step depends on several factors such as traffic patterns, use, and regional weather considerations.

Clayton McElvain Footing HIPICO 2018

“Because polyester is extremely durable, our products will not break down,” Cynthia continues. “There are 23-year-old GGT arenas in Europe still holding up to the test of time.” The company also offers a full line of base mats and care products to enhance the lifespan of their footing. Cynthia works with individuals, show management, architects, and contractors to help them determine the proper blend for their needs. “We have a network of arena builders that are horsemen and many have been in the field for over 30 years."

West Coast Commitment

GGT Footing Is committed to the West Coast in many ways, starting with the recent recruit of Jessica Stone as the region’s retail account manager. Having a warehouse in California keeps shipping expenses to a minimum.

Dave Martin with Kaley Cuoco riding Poker Face.

Four GGT arena builders are dedicated to the West Coast. “Danny Austin, ‘Tractor’ Dean, Dave Martin and Clayton McElvain all are experienced horsemen who offer their expertise and knowledge when assisting clients with their needs,” explains Cynthia.

The company sponsors over 13 Grand Prix jumping competitions each year at shows hosted by Dale Harvey of West Palms Event Management. These include World Cup qualifiers at such prestigious locations as the Del Mar Horse Park.  Its footing is used at international horse show facilities and for FEI World Cup jumping and dressage events.

Tractor Dean of West Coast Footings South

GGT is a major sponsor of the California Dressage Society and its show circuit. Jessica Stone will be on hand for the annual CDS Championship show in September in Los Angeles.

GGT has clients that range from well-known actors and actresses to the quiet backyard home owner who wants great footing for their pleasure horse. A wide range of economical mixtures offer a perfect product for many budgets, needs and preferences.

For more information, visit www.ggtfooting.com or call Cynthia Brewster-Keating at 864-804-0011 or Jessica Stone at 864-415-2526.