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Friday, 02 August 2019 02:20
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Aqua treadmill safely builds muscle, rehabs injuries and improves cardio, without stressing joints.

Injury to an equine athlete can be devastating and sometimes inevitable. Even a small injury that still allows them to compete hinders their overall ability to perform at their peak. Injury lay-up is a double-edged sword. The athlete cannot continue to practice and improve, while suffering muscle atrophy from the limited use of their muscles. Many injuries are caused by the lack of rest of the muscles and the pounding on the joints. Aquatic therapy with an AquaPacer underwater treadmill from Hudson Aquatic Systems uses the natural properties of water; buoyancy, temperature, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure, to create a perfect environment for equine athletes to build muscle, rehabilitate and increase cardio endurance all at the same time.


Photo: Ashleigh Magnus

Water is approximately 12-14 times more difficult to move through than air. Water provides 360 degrees of resistance so any movement will result in resistance from the water. Buoyancy created by water unloads the joints of the legs while still providing muscle resistance. Hydrostatic pressure helps push edema (inflammation) out from under the skin and increases blood flow. All this happens before you even turn on the treadmill for a workout.

Roger, ater five months.

The AquaPacer provides a controlled walk/speed without the need of the rider and helps with balance and gait. The increased resistance of walking in water exercises the top line and legs while putting less stress on joints. This allows equine athletes to train and condition in half the time of land workouts and rehab at a quicker rate than land-based, traditional programs.

Benjamin and Roger at Woodside. Photo: MGO Photography

From trail horses to Kentucky Derby winners and rodeo champions, aquatic therapy with an AquaPacer underwater treadmill is successfully keeping all types of equine athletes at the top of their game. Introduce your horse to aquatic therapy before an injury and see the transformation for yourself.

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